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MSU fans in Lincoln Park are the worst

LPW hates MSU grads infesting Lincoln Park

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Walking throughout Lincoln Park on a Saturday during football season is glorious. I hear people playing fight songs from their apartments/homes, and plenty of people on their way to bars to watch games or in my case to the bus/el/my car to go to Ryan Field to watch Northwestern. However, there's one overriding presence throughout Lincoln Park that has always been on my nerves: Michigan State fans...

Everywhere I go, it seems like there's a new Michigan State bar opening up or MSU fans taking over a bar. I despise MSU fans yelling GO GREEN, GO WHITE across the street whenever they see anyone wearing any color that's not green. It's like my personal hell, and I'm not alone with this.

MSU fans in Lincoln Park are so damn obnoxious that they've chased out every other Michigan bar except Duffys. (And trust me, Duffy's is a sweaty hellhole that's a cell phone dead zone)...

MSU fans in Lincoln Park are so damn obnoxious that they stand outside of O'Malley's west smoking cigarettes blocking the sidewalks and street on the 2200 block of Lincoln Avenue like they own the damn place. Cigarette smoking is fucking disgusting, but then again, are any of you really surprised MSU fans do that?

MSU fans are also obnoxious whenever you walk past Tin Lizzies. They prey on other fans walking north on Clark Street so they can run up to then and yell GO GREEEEEEN, GOO WHITE right at them when completely drunk off of Bud Light or whatever shitty beer they feel like drinking.

Also, MSU is responsible for the most obnoxious fan in Chicago, MSUDersh. I dont think I need to say anything else.

ED NOTE: we wanted to put up a hate piece regarding MSU sports, but it's Michigan State. They're not worth the effort.  Nobody really cares about them. Feel free to write a fanpost!