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Week 1, Big Ten Football: Ranking All The Games

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From ranked amazingness to...subtle apathy

1 is good, 14 is bad. What lower-level games are you excited about?

  1. Wisconsin@Alabama. Primetime, power running, lots of red.
  2. Michigan@Utah. Utah has dominated, but they've never played the likes of...HARBAUGH!
  3. OSU@VT. An away game challenge for the super-loaded champs.
  4. TCU@Minnesota. Reallllly would love a close game here. But man, TCU, and speed and such.
  5. BYU@Nebraska. "A New Hope" exists in Lincoln. A milquetoast hope, but hope nonetheless.
  6. PSU@Temple. Hopefully Turnstile did some deadlifts this offseason and can provide more protection.
  7. Stanford@NW. The "Smart Bowl" featuring a newbie quarterback against a Top 10 school. Yeesh.
  8. Kent State@Illinois. No more Beckman, which means we're all rooting for Illinois to make a run.
  9. Purdue@Marshall. Herd are favored, but could be a jumpball game! Maybe!
  10. Illinois State@Iowa. Oooo scary game! Could go either way!
  11. MSU@WMU. Western is on the upswing. So is Michigan State though. Fun Friday night game.
  12. Richmond@Maryland. \__'O'__/
  13. Southern Illinois@Indiana. \__'O'__/ \__'O'__/
  14. Norfolk State@Rutgers. \__'O'__/ \__'O'__/ \__'O'__/