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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 2

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Hey everybody, we made it to Week 2!

Let's not waste time this week with a lame introduction.

I'll be in Evanston drinking a good beer from Half Acre or Three Floyds before NU curbstomps EIU.

I'm staying at home and watching the game, then heading out to a craft beer fest thing in Downtown Fort Wayne. I will either be happy because Purdue didn't lose to an FCS team, or I will be happy because I am surrounded by beer to drown my sorrows.

DJ Carver
Copy/paste of last week. I'm in Maryland again watching the game on my couch before work, so water/coffee it is.

Graham Filler
East Lansing, Michigan, which is about ten minutes from my house. Because of a rather weak home schedule, many people are going very strong on the tailgate front this Saturday. For a 65 degree day which will include much tailgate hopping, I'm going to aim for a menagerie of Michigan microbrews, the usual suspects like Two Hearted and All Day, nothing too overwhelming or Fall-ish, but nothing too light.

I'll be surfing in the morning, trying to get my head right to watch PSU play a SUNY school. You know I'll be drinking by game time. I'm just not sure what yet. I'll be heading out to the fancy beer store to see what microbrews are available.

I'll be in my garage drinking whatever beer I have left in my beer fridge while watching football and hiding from my in-laws prior to a birthday party for ToddlerSpeedReceiver.

At a birthday party/game watch with some friends. Only drinking a couple of craft beers, as I'll also have to keep track of my 1 and 4 year old.

Chicago drinking alpha king.

Candystripes For Breakfast
I will be at home (probably) drinking Vanilla Coke (probably) and hopefully watching IU win comfortably against Florida International (probably).

Andrew Kraszewski
I will be at an as-yet-undetermined Detroit sports bar, probably slamming Molsons or something similar as I imagine that's what you would drink on a duck hunt. Please let the tackling be better or I'll be switching to Canadian Club.

Jesse Collins
I will be most likely watching this game from the comfort of my couch, enjoying what is hopefully the beginning of the Mike Riley era, and eating what is hopefully a smoked Boston Butt that has been slowly smoking all day. The wildcard to this scenario is if I decide that going to Lincoln sounds fun this week or not... The jury is definitely still out.

Creighton M
I have tickets to Notre Dame at Virginia (GO IRISH!), so I'll be going to that. My plan is to set my DVR to record Iowa, leave my cell phone at home and go to the game. When I get home, I'm immediately going to watch the Cy-Hawk game while avoiding my computer and phone like the plague until it's over. For beer, I'll be tailgating with St. Pauli Girl, and then come home to a fridge full of DuClaw Sweet Baby Jesus to watch the Iowa game.

***DISCLAIMER: The phrase "GO IRISH!" was written by Creighton M. I just copied and pasted it (and then wrote it in this disclaimer). The writers of OTE do not endorse Creighton M's statement and think he should be jailed for making it.***

Thomas Speth
I'll be at Camp Randall. I won't be drinking because I'm taking my little brother but it'll still be a good time.

Ray Ransom
I'll be trekking down to New Brunswick to tailgate with a few fellow profs and adjuncts, discuss the recent happenings and Dear Old Rutgers, and drink heavily in an attempt to forget about said happenings. Also, for our hearts because this game vs. Wazzu should be an absolute shit show. I'm thinking that since the weather should be a torrential downpour, hurricanes are in order, both of the mixed drink variety and of the --- crrraaaaap, it looks like Flying Fish retired the FU Sandy beer. Any suggestions for hurricane/high seas themed beer, my off tackle friends?

I'll be headed down to Evanston on Saturday morning and setting up shop with the NUMBAlums a little before noon. Drinks, as always, are cheap beer, a sixer of something nice (this week from Firestone Walker, per the recommendation of WestCoast_RU), and meaaaat meat meat meat meat.

What're you guys going to drink, and where'll you be this Saturday?