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The B1G-MAC Fantasy Football Challenge Week 2

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In case you hadn't heard, Hustle Belt and Off Tackle Empire have engaged in a fantasy football challenge of sorts. Each week, Alex Alvarado from Hustle Belt - and me... from here - will engage in College Football Fantasy warfare. You know, that or we're basically choosing players from our respective conferences and then picking a loser team from the other. If you are confused about the concept, I don't know what to tell you. It's all extremely straight forward.

That in mind, the way we're handling it is Part I drops at Hustle Belt and Part II drops over here. We'll introduce our teams each week and recap the previous week. Oh, and because conference pride was on the line... BOW DOWN TO THE GREATNESS THAT IS #TeamEmpire!!!

[everyone bows down?]

[probably not]

Anyhow, here were last week's results:

#TeamEmpire Pts. #TeamHustle Pts.
Nate Sudfeld 23 QB Jack Milas 21
Paul James 8 RB Terry Swanson 0
DJ Knox 22 RB Anthone Taylor 22
Jordan Westerkamp 19.5 WR KeVonn Mabon 8.5
Simmie Cobbs 7.5 WR Alonzo Russell 0
Aaron Burbridge 13 WR Ryan Burbrink 15
Nick Vannett 1.5 TE Cody Tuttle 3
Connor Cook 22 FLEX AJ Ouellette 4.5
Jack Mitchell 10 K Dylan Mulder 8
Rutgers 34 D/ST Miami 8
Akron 5 MAC/B1G Loser Northwestern 0

As you can, see, #TeamEmpire is sort of amazing. I have a feeling that my points are going to decrease and his points are going to increase as the season goes along, but let's just revel in the glory that is us being awesome. Let's see what Alex has to say about this week.

For Part One of this week's conversation, click here.

Jesse: Let's get down to business. Last week, the fantasy gods rewarded me with a good performance by Nate Sudfeld, a kid we all wanted to do good things for Indiana. After all, injuries suck and coming back is nice to see. This week? Well, this week it's a homer pick for me. I'm going with my boy Tommy Armstrong. He didn't hit the gaudy completion rates we were hoping for, but by all accounts, he was pretty solid against BYU, and USA should prove to be a slightly less talented defense. I'm hoping he does great things against the Jaguars.

I'll also have one of his new favorite targets, Nebraska WR Brandon Reilly all queued up and ready to go. He is filling in for the injured DeMornay Pierson-El and while he may not be a burner, he definitely showed he has some athleticism to make plays. Oh, and just to spread the net wide, I'm throwing out DeAngelo Yancey from Purdue at my other open WR spot. He had a good first week in a losing effort against Marshall, and I think he can get his against Indiana State.

Finally, I think I'm sliding in Jordan Howard - he of former UAB fame - after his 3 TD 145 yard effort last week. I realize throwing a Hoosier out against a team they should beat is asking for it, but I'm going to at least try.

So how about the #TeamHustle RB2/WR3 combo? What's that look like this week?

Alex: As for one of my other running backs, I'm going to be a homer as well and select Darius Jackson from EMU. My Eagles will be on the road against Wyoming and Jackson is coming off of a career-high week in rushing yards and had a pair of touchdowns in the first half against Old Dominion. He's getting a good amount of carries and is very active on the passing attack as well. EMU's shown that they like the screen game, so I'm going to assume that they'll be going back to that style of play on Saturday.

Roger Lewis for Bowling Green was only limited to two catches last week against Tennessee, but I think he'll get more receptions than that against Maryland. If BGSU is going to have an upset on the road, he's going to have to be a big reason as to why that happens. Because it will.

Looks like you have a familiar face on your flex position. What are you hoping to get out of your Heisman hopeful this time around?

Jesse: I'm not sure if I'm willing to go Heisman hopeful quite yet, you know, considering Ohio State probably has more non-QB starters that could actually play QB anywhere else than is fair. Still, not unlike my pick for Josiah Price, I dig Connor Cook against the Oregon secondary. He needs to get in a rhythm, but he has the talent and motivation to put up a monster game on Saturday night. East Lansing is going to be bananas, and I'm looking for Cook to stoke the fire a bit.

Oh, and while we're clearing up my last spot, let's talk about Penn State. I'm choosing their defense this week because what was lost in the LOLPENNSTATELOSTTOTEMPLE talk last week was a ridiculously solid effort by the Lions. They get all sorts of pressure in the backfield, and I think they're going to manhandle the Bulls... on defense. That offense is a tirefire. Like, epic, burning pile of used tires. Who knows, maybe Penn State is going to get in on the "Steal a MAC coach" bandwagon by the end of the season.

Finally, give me your pick for who is losing from the B1G. I have a feeling you're going to have another Pac 12 team disappointment.

Alex: #FleckforPennState

(okay not really)
(for real, that ain't gonna happen)
(on second thought...)
(Stop it, Alex.)

Well I still have Ben McCord (CMU) and Tyler Tate (BGSU) as #TeamHustle's tight end and kicker. I have no idea if either of them will boast well for me this week, but I've gotta pick somebody. I sort of shrugged my shoulders here and said "sounds good?"

The B1G loser for me is Michigan State. It was a coin flip between them and Michigan this week, but I know that I can only pick a team once and I think this might be the best option for me at this point. Not saying I'm confident in Michigan to win this week, but I'm more confident in them losing later in the season, if that make sense.

Jesse: Again, I can't argue with the logic, and I'm still terrified that you have as much strategy as you do. For now though? #TeamEmpireForLyfe

Stay tuned to Off Tackle Empire and Hustle Belt as we battle each week for the B1G-MAC Fantasy Football Cup. Yep, I just made this a Cup Challenge. HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW! Also, remember to follow @HustleBelt@ARAlvarado13@offtackleempire, and of course me @jesseinomaha as we battle it all out this year.