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Week 2: Saturday Early Games Gamethread

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Tons of games today, tons of football to watch

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So now that the non-cupcakes are out of the way for the most part this non-conference, the Big Ten is back to beating down cupcakes this week.  Here is the rundown of the early games:

Bowling Green at Maryland (-7.5) || 12:00pm ET || BTN

Bowling Green will provide a stiff test for Maryland with all of the offensive firepower they'll bring. Can Maryland's new QB keep up the pace they'll set?

Oregon State at Michigan (-14.5) || 12:00pm ET || ABC

I'm not sure which game Vegas was watching last week, but Michigan's offense putting up enough points to beat anyone by more than 14 seems a stretch.

Western Illinois at Illinois || 12:00pm ET || BTN

Are the Illini going to keep up that red hot offense from last week against Western Illinois? Perfect setting to do so and no reason they shouldn't break at least 40.

Buffalo at Penn State (-17.5) || 12:00pm ET || ESPN2

The line has dropped about 3.5 points in the last few days from it's high of -21 in the middle of the week. Perhaps everyone else realized Penn State's swiss cheese offensive line might give up 5+ sacks to Buffalo too.

Indiana State at Purdue || 12:00pm ET || ESPN News

Purdue, please don't Purdue in the 4th quarter again this week and blow a lead. I'm going with this is one of your four wins this year.

Miami (OH) at Wisconsin (-31) || 12:00pm ET || ESPNU

I think Wisconsin will get back to their oh look, Wisconsin scored again ways this week against wanna-be Miami.

Actually...I just found this, so I'm being lazy and using it.


Credit: Big Ten Network twitter feed

That's it for the noon games. I'm guessing we'll need to put up an overflow before the 3:30 games get here.  Normal rules apply: no illegal streams, no illicit photos/videos, keep it sorta civil, etc.