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General Sherman's Tweets of the Week: Meet the General

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The best ruminations, remarkations and rabble rousing tweets from our Off Tackle namesake.

Matthew Brady

Hello Off Tacklers!

As you may or may not be aware, Off Tackle Empire's mascot is the legendary Civil War hero General William Tecumseh Sherman. A man of not only a brilliant strategic mind and a mean stink eye, but of a certain view of the South that I think we can all share.

OTE "Writer" WhiteSpeedReceiver puts it well:

Yeah, Sherman was legitimately a perfect mascot for us. The only things he was better at than drinking were fighting and pissing off southerners.

In addition to having one of the most iconic tanks in history named after him, General Sherman is surprisingly active on Twitter, engaging his audience with timely observations, playful quips about his favorite sport, and fond memories of burning Atlanta to the ground.

His reverence for the fine game of college football is matched only by his hatred of the south. He is frequently inebriated, often angry, obstinately pro Big Ten, and LOVES TYPING IN ALL CAPS.

Naturally, I'm a big fan. Accordingly, I wanted to start a weekly feature showcasing some of The General's best content for those users who might not see them in real-time (aka for you luddites who hate the Twitters).

Let's get to the good stuff:

Salting the Earth

The General's Top 5ish Plays from around the Big Ten.

5. On a Job Well Done

4. I Thought it Was the Old Bay

3. Regarding a Good Midlands to Coast March

2. A Tribute of the Highest Order

1. On Drawing the Battle Line

Tweet Heat of the Week*

Sherman's Best Zingers and Balderdash, in basically random order, like 5 or 10 or 6 of them.

1. On Logistics

Did you know General Sherman is considered one of the most important strategists in the annals of modern warfare, for his mastery over "maneuver warfare?" Not unlike Dantonio.

2. Sometimes Sherman Can be a Real Prick

...but even I can admit that's funny.

3. On Consumption in Norther Climes

...a good start...


4. On Griping

Remember ESSSS-EEEE-CEEEEE, complaints always go up the chain of command.

5. Didn't see that coming...

6. On Battlefield Medicine

7. Not All Caps. Must have been Hax.

8. SEC Trolling is the Best Trolling

* Ehh, a week or two. Whatever.

Enjoy this week of General Sherman madness? Of course you did! This shit is hilarious. Jump in on the fun and follow General Sherman on Twitter at

The more interaction we get, the more drunk the "writers" will get, and we all know how that goes: