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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 3

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People, Places, and Drinks

Looking at the map this week, there are a lot of Big Tenners on the Eastern Seaboard this week. There are even two people in NYC! Let's call it the B1G Apple. Regardless of the Rutgers tire fire, it was worth adding them because we got control of New York.

Anyway, here is everybody and their drinks and their places of being:

Brian Gillis
A busy autumn lies ahead, with plans to catch games in Ann Arbor, Austin, Berkeley, Los Angeles and Tempe. Really looking forward to it. But not yet, and I'll celebrate my off week in Los Angeles (Redondo Beach to be precise) w/ BTN.

I'll still be on lovely, scenic Amelia Island. But I'll be out at a party. Drinks will be flowing. But the last time we went to this particular friend's house, she had jello shots prepared. I'm old, but I still love jello shots...lime with tequila and salt on top. You betcha.

Graham Filler
Mackinac Island with all the GOP presidential candidates. Pink Pony has a special "Pink Pony" Michigan-made beer from Mt Pleasant which.I.Love.Deeply. So I will be having 1-4 of those.

I'll be in New York City at a wedding I'm somewhat obligated to begrudgingly attend. Apparently someone wants to get married, wants it to be expensive and inconvenient for everyone and then wants half the guests to spend most of the proceedings buried in their phones. I will protest this by combatively drinking the hell out of whatever is the most expensive whiskey the open bar has, because I am a child.

Night game at Kinnick against Shittsburgh. Getting to the lot around 9:30ish to tailgate, start drinking and get the smoker going. You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning. With the smoker, we'll be doing a Bacon Explosion:

from How2GetFat

Bacon wrapped, stuffed jalapenos, and probably a pork shoulder, or two, maybe some ribs. We'll also have a fryer for Iowa tenderloins (suck it, Indiana) and wings. And for lunch we'll be doing a crab boil. There will be a shit ton of great beer, and we'll be playing beer pong, flippy cup, doom, and giant jenga made with 2x4s with drinking instructions written on them. There will also be bags and card games. Probably a kiddy pool with ice to help cool off.

Jesse Collins
I'll be watching the Miami-Nebraska game from the friendly confines of my couch, vacillating between excitement and horror as Nebraska has or does not have the ball. I most likely will not be drinking as it's an afternoon game and I'll be by myself - and that I don't drink much these days - but if I do, it might be bleach from the reality of a 1-2 start.

Oh my god @stewmonkey13... that's... that's glorious. I think I'll break out the smoker this weekend too. I made homemade smoked chili powder last weekend, and it's so spicy and great. It'll be a good rub for something.

Hilary Lee
i'll be in New York checking out the games from a Wisconsin bar. i'm thinking Kettle of Fish.

I will be in Durham, North Carolina with my family watching Northwestern take on the Duke Blue Devils. I'm going to try some local beers and definitely have some brisket.

I'm going to be curling for the early games, and probably get home in time to watch Purdue get behind by a few touchdowns. Then I'll start watching a better game. Labatt Blue for drinking.

Ray Ransom
I don't fucking know I'll just get shitfaced and cry about Rutgers getting kicked out of the Big Ten or Hermann getting busted with coke or Brian Leonard defiling the Vatican or whatever new Rutgers embarrassment is scheduled for Saturday night fuck this shit I'm getting drunk now.

I'll be in Milwaukee, drinks tbd.

On my couch, likely shaking off the hangover and bowel distress of a Friday night MKE Brewing Co. tour, dinner at Conejitos (home of $3 enchilada dinners on paper plates), possibly a Great Lakes Distillery tour, and definitely end-of-night beers at Brenner Brewing Co. I'll grab the hair of the dog with some Lakefront Fuel Cafe Stout (so. much. coffee.), and then if I can lift my arm high enough to reach the vodka, I'll probably make a couple homemade bloodies, chased with something else by Lakefront (probably their Riverwest Stein). I will then be treated to watching football on the same network that used to show Gilmore Girls and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You suck, ACC.

Candystripes For Breakfast
In Bloomington, watching IU in person at our Memorial Stadium. Which will probably put me in the minority of people in Bloomington on this particular Saturday, but that's no different from every other IU football game I've gone to. I'll probably have a Pepsi or something during the game, but for me, the true highlight will be the dinner stop post-game at Bloomington's finest pizza place, Mother Bear's.

Creighton M
I'll be at home on my couch watching games all day long. The early games will be accompanied by a homemade waffle bar washed down by Schlafly Coffee Stout (basically the same as drinking coffee). Iowa doesn't kick off until 8:00 PM my time, so I'll be making buffalo chicken soup to help me catch my second wind. The afternoon games will be paired with Starr Hill Jomo red lager, but at kickoff I'll likely switch to something closer to water as I wind down. And by closer to water I mean Summit Pilsener.

Thomas Speth
I'll be in Oshkosh probably at a bar bitching that I have to bartend later but drinking anyway which will lead to me rolling into work with a bunch of half in the bag friends and it'll be a great time

I'll probably be drinking the finest beer about to be brewed in Wisconsin again, winner of more awards than every other beer in history, Pabst.

And ignoring that that last statement is only true because it's been brewed continuously since 1844.

DJ Carver
I'll be at the Maryland game, drinking something strong and hoping that the offensive shuffles at qb and wr provide some spark so we don't embarrass ourselves again.

Andrew Kraszewski
If the illness I feel coming on is any indication, I'll be in bivouac at home in Detroit with my trusty sippin' whiskey. I do plan on hitting up the Tigers game later Saturday even if I need an iron lung to get there, but I may be in a cholera tent as I hope Air Force's cut blocks don't injure any Spartans.