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Northwestern - Duke preview

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LPW heads down to North Carolina to watch Northwestern attempt to claim the crown of King of the Nerds

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

My little brother lives in the Durham area, and it's a wonder opportunity for my entire family to travel down to Durham to watch Northwestern play Duke! I'm typing this article as I'm waiting for my flight to board at Midway airport, so this will be brief.

What happened last week for Northwestern:

Northwestern beat up FCS patsy Eastern Illinois, and recorded the first shutout I can remember in quite some time. There were a few offensive linemen out injured and Northwestern didn't get as much push up the middle as I'd like, but hey, you really can't complain when you shut a team out.

Duke last season:

They went 9-4 with wins over Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech, and losses against Miami, and Arizona State in their bowl game.

Duke's season so far:

They've defeated Tulane 37-7 and and shut out North Carolina Central 55-0.

Northwestern offense against Duke Defense:

Clayton Thorson will have a tougher test against a better defense than last week. Justin Jackson will continue to run the ball well, and apparently some of Northwestern's offensive linemen are healthier this week.

Duke Offense against Northwestern Defense

Dual thread QB Thomas Sirk will be a tougher assignment for Anthony Walker and the aggressive Wildcat defense. Also, Northwestern DE Ifeadi Odenigbo provided plenty of bulletin board material when he claimed that Northwestern would shut out the Blue Devils.


I expect Northwestern to win, probably close. I'll have plenty of fun visiting family. GO CATS!!