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Ray's Rutgers Musings - Rutgers-Penn State

Thoughts and stuff...whatever

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

  • Rutgers-Penn State is a great visual rivalry, especially on BTN. The rich Scarlet of Rutgers perfectly contrasts the classic Navy of PSU, with the white and silver graphics of BTN tying it all together. Just another piece of the pie for this game.
  • 20th night game, 1st stripe out, but nah not a rivalry.
  • The stripe out looks great, but I love all those red shirts messing up the relatively perfect pattern :)
  • Great point from Millen and Kevin Kugler that the game is going to come down to the play in the trenches
  • Man, the atmosphere at Happy Valley is pretty great. This is what I imagine college football was like in the golden age of the 40's and 50's. Delightfully old school and proud of it. Don't worry Rutgers fans, we're getting there.
  • Is that an R-U chant I hear from the visiting Rutgers fans? Bravo ladies and gents!
  • We're making Hackenberg and this line look like a functional approximation of a D1 offense. This is concerning...
  • Simply amazing special teams play by #5. One of the better touchback saves you'll see.
  • Two false starts in the first plays by Rutgers. Think that student section is making some noise?
  • Big punt by Roth. Deep in his end zone, bad snap, got it off.
  • Fat kicker is maybe the best thing ever. Please just let him run one fake. Please oh please.
  • Coach Hype looks like he's aged 40 years since taking over as PSU head coach.
  • Love the RU glider spot. Very, very cool stuff. There is a still a significant contingent of Rutgers faculty who believe big time college sports is a mistake. This type of exposure for our Oceanography department wouldn't be possible without big time sports and I'd wager that that awesome spot just inspired a new generation of Rutgers marine scientists.
  • Lots of mind-games on both sides of the field. Audibles and hot reads galore for both teams. Great chess match in the trenches.
  • This Penn State defense is incredibly physical. Has to be the out and out most violent defense we've played since...Penn State last year?
  • Looks like the Rutgers offense is giving it right back to them. Seeing blue shirts limping and gasping after a bunch of plays. Physicality all around. These men are playing some football!
  • Penn State is making plays, but you have to be impressed with the Rutgers secondary so far. Considering most of these players were expecting a redshirt year, they came ready to play. We'll see if it holds up as the game goes on.
  • Love that Nebraska to Jersey fly-through promo, every time. "The Birthplace of College Football" looks pretty good as a closing shot, doesn't it? Yeah it does.
  • Really slick playcall on the Jet Sweep for Penn State. Perfectly planned and flawlessly executed.
  • So far through the first half, Penn State is dominating the special teams battle. Rutgers starting inside the 10 on every drive, it seems.
  • The rain is starting to fall, the punters are making big plays, I think we have a B1G football game on our hands here people!
  • Judging by the first half, it just seems Rutgers is outclassed in every phase of the game. They've fought hard to keep it close, but across the board, they've been outplayed. Tough environment to play in, but the attrition for Rutgers may be taking its course.
  • ...and that may be the game. Now we're just playing for pride.
  • Love Laviano's hustle. He's a gamer...oh wait, interception...hmm...
  • Laviano really putting something together here...oh wait, interception.
  • Fuck this I'm getting drunk.
  • Cioffi with another interception. The guy just makes plays. With his cover skills, if he keeps this up, he could be an unlikely candidate to play on Sundays, given the dearth of playmaking safeties in the league.
  • It'll get lost in the shuffle, but Hick's just took 2 off the board for PSU by breaking seven tackles, including 3 in his own end zone, and running for 20 yards from the 1 yard line. One of the best runs you'll see all season, but it ain't making any highlight reels.
  • Well, we just lost what a lot of folks around here consider the most important game of the year in blowout fashion. Where do we go from here? I'd link to that "There be a shit storm a-brewin" meme, but knowing how today went, I'll probably get sued.