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Mail Bag - Playing Pickup Hoops with Republicans, Can We Kick Rutgers Out, and Which "Writers" are Delusional?

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You have questions, we have poorly informed opinions. But we're "writers" so we will absolutely share then with you. Our motto: occasionally wrong but never in doubt. This week we'll let you know who gets picked last in a pickup hoops game with the republican candidates; if we can dump Rutgers like the Big East shed Temple; and which fanbase sucks most.

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Q: How can Merryland, Buttgers and PSU be such ass programs with that much talent in their backyards? Bschim23.1

Townie: If regional talent were all it took, then Miami would be the perennial champion. Rather, it’s a mix of who you can get to attend the school and the guy(s) training those kids to play ball.

I am not a fan of the coaching carousel. It seems like every fan base has some folks that are sick of their coaching staff. Even some Alabama fans are tired of Nick Saban. Imagine what they’ll be like if they dump him and end up with a couple of 6-5 seasons…

I’ll be there with popcorn, baby, ready to watch that shit show.

I think a big part of the problem today is that we expect success to come RIGHT FUCKING NOW. And real life isn’t like that. It takes time to develop a successful program. The hard part is getting the right people in to develop it.

That’s why (and I know you Iowa fans will hate me for saying it), I admire Iowa today. They have a good coach in Ferentz, who’s doing the right things. He isn’t vying for championships every year, but he’s not making the bad kind of headlines, either.

What every team needs is a great recruiter, a great teacher, and a great leader. Sadly, there just aren’t that many coaches like that out there. Many schools will sacrifice character for success...just look at Petrino if you don’t understand what I’m saying.

He wins games. But I sure don’t want my kids learning morality lessons from the guy. For UMD and Rutgers, it’s a matter of finding a younger guy. Someone with skills that are still rough, but a guy that’s willing to come and develop the program. That takes a long time.

For Penn State, it’s a matter of repairing the brand. You can’t attract a Saban to a broken program. You can attract a guy like Bill Obrien, who saw PSU as a stepping stone. I think Franklin has the potential, but he needs to find better staff /cough Donovan cough/.

Q: If the 11 Republican candidates were playing a pick-up basketball game, who would get left out? Viceroy Fizzlebottom

Stewmonkey:  Personally, I think it’s Cruz.  He has the air about him of a guy who thinks he can be a presence in the post, but then goes up against Cristie who just abuses him.  But let’s find out.

Time to pick teams. I'm taking the first pick, because I came up with the idea.  I choose Jeb because he's got good height,  and had to have been a pretty decent hoop player in the past.  Good BB IQ, I assume.

87townie I’ll take Scott Walker. He looks fit

stewmonkey13: Marco Rubio, think he could be a versatile wing

MNWildcat: I'm takin' Chris Christie. Can't wait to see him truckin' bitches in the lane. (Why yes, I'm a huge Andre: Almeida fan. Why do you ask?)

stewmonkey13: Dammit, that was gonna be my next pick

MNW: I mean, I don't think I'm actually drafting...I just want to make an Andre Almeida reference

jessecollins: He was a hero.

87townie: I'll take Christie based on MNW's reco.

Stewmonkey: Gotta take a point guard.  Give me Carson.  He's a real cerebral player.

87townie: Rand Paul is young and competitive. I'll bet he can hit threes.

stewmonkey13: Kasich is from Ohio and is probably a real scrappy, defensive stopper.

87townie: I’ll go witn Carli, she smart and quick.

stewmonkey13 So, who's left?  Trump, Cruz, and Jindal?  Give me Trump.  Yeah, he's old, but I bet he wouldn't be afraid to poke an eye, or two.

87townie: Ugh, Cruz vs Jindal? Wimpy vs Sissy. I'll flip a coin. Jindal. There you have it. Ted Cruz is last pick.

Q: Who’s your favorite co-writer? Who’s your least favorite fanbase on the OTE Community? Hoegher

Stewmonkey: For least favorite fanbase, it’s easily MSU.  I mean, that was a leading question.  It’s not really even close.

Townie: My favorite co-writer, that’s tough. As a new guy here, I’ve had a ton of help from nearly everybody. Lincoln Park Wildcat, Graham, DJ, Go For Three, Jesse Collins, Ray Ransom, Stewmonkey…all helped me get rolling here.

The "writers" here are funny and smart. Hell the Slack channel could be the script for a sitcom someday. It’s like a series of vignets into late college and post college life.

Hmm - note to self. Send agent a treatment of OTE conversations...

My least favorite fanbase is the group that can take any subject...anything and turn it into a Penn State hate piece. It’s like six degrees of Kevin Bacon for these slobbering fools. They avoid talking about football at every possible situation...I’m looking at you Maryland.

Q: If Michigan and Penn State ascend while MSU stays a top ten or fifteen program, would you be in favor of reorganizing the divisions again? Rzor

Stewmonkey: Maybe, but that simply can’t last forever, and things will cycle a bit.  Also, I do like having similar geography, too.  And you simply can’t split up the Quadrangle of Hate.  If anything like that would be necessary, I could see exchanging NW or [ERROR:  NOT FOUND] for MSU.

Townie: I certainly could see a reorganization happening in the future. The thing is, you are assuming that MSU and OSU remain strong. All things change, fortunes rise and fall...believe me, I know about changing fortunes.

Q: In the television show Scrubs, what was the best song Ted’s band ever performed? Beezer07

Stewmonkey: Underdog, Charles in Charge, or Facts of LIfe.  I have a preference of Underdog, but any of those three are great.

Here’s a small compilation:

Townie: I have to go with either Speed Racer or Underdog. I used to watch those cartoons (back in the 1970’s kids). Hearing those songs brought back good memories. Speed of lightning, roar of thunder, fighting all who rob or plunder. Underdog! Underdog!

Q: Baseball: why? Viceroy Fizzlebottom

Stewmonkey: GO CUBS!

Townie: What is this thing you call Baseball?

Q: Who is the next coach at Rutgers? Ckstevenson

Stewmonkey: For behold, a Prince shall rise!

But seriously, who cares?  Oh, Ray does.  Well, then, I do believe you’ll have a good time rowing that boat on the Raritan.

Townie: I think Charlie Strong could end up in the Big Ten somewhere. Rutgers? Well maybe that’s a stretch. There are few candidates out there and as I found out from the Penn State search(es), I’m terrible at guessing what a school administration will do.

Q: Who is the next coach at Maryland? Ckstevenson

Townie: I’m not sure you guys are up for a new coach anytime soon. Edsall is in his fourth year at Maryland. He’s improved each year and did well in his first season in the B1G. Sorry Terps, Edsall is driving this bus for a few more years.

Q: If Urban and Dantonio coached at Rutgers and Maryland, respectively, who would be able to get their team to the B1G title game first? Rzor

Stewmonkey: Whoever decided to take a better job at a different school in the B1G West first.

Q: Which OTE "writer" has the weirdest/most insane opinion/take on any subject, and what is it? Viceroy Fizzlebottom

Stewmonkey: Any of the jNW’s "writers" and their belief in jNW basketball.

Townie: Ray, clearly. He's a Rutgers fan.

Q: After this season how many more times will Michigan State finish in the top ten during the next decade? Rzor

Stewmonkey: Hopefully 0.  But they’ve really done a good job of turning the excellent results into excellent recruiting to be able to sustain it.  However, I don’t think Dantonio is likely to be there another decade.  I think he’s there about 8 more years, and has about a 50/50 shot of making the top 10.  So, I’ll say four more top tens for MSU in the next decade.

Q: Could we ever kick out Rutgers the way the Big East kicked out Temple long ago? SpartanHT

Stewmonkey: God, I hope so.

Townie: I don’t know, you kept Purdue and Indiana this do you justify dumping Rutgers?

Q: What kind of bear is best? SpartanHT

Stewmonkey:From 1908-1910, Iowa had a real live bear as a mascot, Burch.  He would dance and perform on the sideline, travel with the team, and occasionally maul Missourah fans that bothered him.

Townie: Bear? Your spell catch didn’t catch your mistake...surely you meant beer. As for the best beer, well that’s an impossible choice. You might as well ask me my favorite child...

Q: How long will it take for Rutgers to have more B1G championships than Johns Hopkins? Somedumbguy


Q: If you were on the playoff committee and had to decide between two one-loss teams for the final spot, would you put more weight on who they beat or who they lost to? rzor

Stewmonkey: I’m going to assume that there are no other mitigating circumstances like injuries, or what not.  I’d look to see how flukey those losses/wins were.  Was the bad loss because of some weird plays?  Same with the good wins?  But all else being equal, I’d want the team with the higher highs.  

Townie: The losses matter more to me than wins. It’s easy to get up for big games. However, losing games you shouldn’t is a bad signal to me. I’ve seen really talented teams quit on games because they weren’t supposed to lose. A great example is the UNC basketball loss to Penn State in the NCAA tournament in 2001. That was a loaded Carolina squad. There is no way they should’ve lost that game…except that they quit.

Got more questions? Good…we’ll be looking for more mailbag fodder for next week.

Your Friend,