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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 4

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It's going to be a beautiful day to drink and be somewhere

Here's your Friday dose of drinks and places where people are. Highlights this week include almost being in Canada and gathering up some Pepsi magic. This is required reading if you plan on drinking anything and/or being anywhere this Saturday.

Graham Filler
Mackinac Island with the wife. Pink Pony beer (again). And I discovered some new running trails, so I presume I'll crush a run/bike ride with the lady, go to the Pony and enjoy whatever is on at 12pm. And get this. 72 degrees on the Island. #MichiganSummers

Hilary Lee
Still in New York. Still going to Kettle of Fish.
Living the remote worker life.

Candystripes For Breakfast
Lafayette, Indiana, as this Saturday marks the prerelease of the latest Magic expansion: Battle for Zendikar. Thus, while Indiana looks for their first 4-0 start in football in my lifetime, I'll be battling people with colorful pieces of cardboard with the hopes of winning additional pieces of colorful cardboard. Some sort of caffeinated cola beverage will be consumed, though what specific type will be pretty much unknown until I buy it (the current favorite is Pepsi, with Dr. Pepper as the darkhorse pick).

Andrew Kraszewski
Home to watch State's noon kickoff and faff about in a gamethread, then to an as-yet-undetermined fall festival or other outdoor activity to wring the last few precious moments of hospitable conditions from the year before the hoarfrost descendeth.

Brian Gillis
I'll be in beautiful Ann Arbor this weekend watching Michigan battle BYU in the Big House - and hoping that Jake Rudock connects with an open receiver or two before the day is over. My first game this season and looking forward to it. And since I'll be in the general area, I'll likely find my way to Founders Brewery in Grand Rapids at some point.

I will be gracing TCF Bank Stadium and the parking lots and the porta-potties surrounding it with my presence as I take in another tremendous Gopher win that will not have more than 21 offensive points. I will be consuming beer and Fireball and vodka and Irish whiskey and, if we win, Riga Black Balsam from our Latvian tailgate host.

I'll be in Evanston watching Northwestern take on Ball State, and I'll probably drink either some Goose Island, Revolution Brewing, or something completely random I find at Binnys.

I'll be at the beach in the morning, surfing (fingers crossed that we have waves). There will be beer and bikinis, which I like. Penn State plays a cup cake, San Diego State at 3:30. I will likely be at the Salty Pelican bar, watching it and as many other B1G games as the bastard SEC fans will let me.

Watching some hot curling action in the morning, followed by enough of the Purdue - Bowling Green game to become physically ill. I'll be drinking Labatt at the beginning of the game, and probably some sort of generic bleach by the end of it.

Legendary, Historic Kinnick Stadium for a 2:30 kickoff against North Texas (Wait, really? 2:30 for North Texas? Not 11? Awesome) I'd love to do a Texas brisket for the game, but won't have enough time. Think steak sandwiches will be in order. With plenty of good beer, whiskey, and gin.

Ray Ransom
I'll be running the Beat the Blerch 10k over in Morristown, so I'll either be running away from flying fat monsters throwing cake at me, or laying on the ground recovering from said running. After the race, it's back to the homestead to entertain some family seeking shelter from Philly Popesanity 2015. Most likely victory Champagne in the long tradition of getting really drunk after doing something quasi-healthy. Rutgers destroys Kansas like imma destroy that Brut.

Ms. MNW is joining me for Ball State After Dark, meaning I need to be on...some kind of behavior, at least. I assume that means I can only have 8 Hamm's, not 10. Bummer, dude. She's much cooler than me and training for a marathon, so I'll either behave myself ​_or_​ drink enough beer for the both of us! That'll be at the NUMBAlum tailgate as always, likely Hamm's with some kind of craft beer from Wisconsin...we'll say a sixer, in honor of the late game, of O'So Night Train porter. If you like your beers heavy, dark, and decently boozy, it's one for you. I'll eat meat because I'm not some sort of wishy-washy namby-pamby un-American chucklefuck.

Creighton M
I will be fully embracing pumpkin spice season because you people are all wrong and if anything we dont have ENOUGH pumpkin flavored things. Morning games: Pumpkin spiced coffee (COFFEE, not a Starbucks latte. Gotta draw the line somewhere) and homemade pumpkin waffles. Afternoon/Night Games: coconut curry pumpkin soup and Red Hook Pumpkin Porter. Pumpkin ice cream and pumpkin pie is in reserve if I need something to help wash all that down. As usual, I'll be watching from my sunny Virginia apartment, but what I lack in real tailgating, I make up for in a fully functional kitchen from which to prepare for all the day's games. GO PUMPKINS! I...I mean Hawkeyes. GO HAWKEYES!

I'll be at the homestead in Rochester Hills, MI, trying to finish changing the brakes on the shaggin' wagon before the early games start. Since I'll probably be beta testing some new tailgate recipes, it's gotta be George Dickel No. 12, the American whiskey by which I swear. A 12 year old Tennessee whiskey you can get for under $25. Long history with this one.

Whoever posts the best drink/location in the comments gets a prize this week: the respect of your fellow man.