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Potential New Coach Power Rankings: Week 4

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There may be as many as 4 openings up for grabs now!

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Here's the rules: Nobody is exempt from consideration except head coaches currently at other P5 schools. It is absolutely certain that Illinois and Rutgers will have new head coaches next year, but Maryland and Purdue are also strong contenders. I'll assume the strongest (by power poll) program will get the strongest candidate for the purpose of making this list.

1. Justin Fuente, Memphis: 4-0, 2-0 against this list. Last week: 1 (-)
Welcome to Champaign, Coach Fuente!
After a 53-46 shootout win against Trollin' Tommy Tuberville's Cincinnati team this week, Fuente holds on to the #1 spot. Up next is a visit to South Florida, and after a bye week they'll host Ole Miss.

2. Matt Campbell, Toledo: 3-0, 2-0 against P5 teams. Last week: 3 (+1)
Enjoy Piscataway, Sir Campbell!
After following up his win against the Razorberts with a 7-point victory against Iowa State, Campbell thrashed Arkansas State 37-7. Up next is a Ball So Hard University team that gave Northwestern fits.

3. Dino Babers, BGSU: 2-2, 2-0 against the B1G. Last week: 5 (+2)
Good luck at Purdue!
BGSU beat Purdue on a last-second touchdown drive to go 2-0 against the B1G. Losses are to a talented Tennessee team and Justin Fuente's Tigers. Conference play starts, during which he'll face off against two more of these coaches.

4. Matt Rhule, Temple: 3-0, 1-0 against the B1G. Last week: 4 (-)
Welcome to Maryland, here's your fire extinguisher!
Temple had a bye this week, but they will be tested again later on by East Carolina, Notre Dame and Memphis.

5. Rod Carey, Northern Illinois: 2-1, 0-1 against the B1G. Last week: 2 (-3)
Carey drops to #5 after a 17-14 loss at Boston College, a talented team that held FSU to 14 but was also down their starting QB. Conference play opens up at CMU next week

6. Jeff Brohm, WKU: 3-1, 0-1 against the B1G. Last week: 11 (+6)
I sold this guy short, but in spite of the 3 point loss at Indiana, wins at Vanderbilt and against LaTech paint an impressive picture. Won big against Miami Hydroxide this week.

7. Willie Fritz, Georgia Southern: 3-1, 1-0 against this list. Last week: 6 (-1)
A 44-20 win at Idaho neither proves nor disproves anything

8. PJ Fleck, Western Michigan: 1-3, 0-1 against this list, 0-2 against the B1G. Last week: 7 (-1)
Didn't do as well as his NIU counterpart against the Buckeyes, but gave them a few fits. Still, 37-24 against MSU and 38-12 against OSU are better than Illinois would likely do in one year.

9. Ken Niumatalolo, Navy: 3-0. Last week: 8 (-1)
That win against ECU is looking more impressive every week.

10. Tom Herman, Houston: 3-0, 1-0 against the ACC. Last week: NR
This Houston team looks impressive, with a 34-31 road win at Louisville. Moreover, Tom Herman's former team sure does seem to miss him as OC. Ohio State doesn't look anywhere near as fluid on offense. With games against Vanderbilt, Memphis and Navy, this team will be tested somewhat this year.

11. Bo Pelini, Youngstown State: 2-1 with a loss at Pitt. Last week: 11 (-1)
He'd rather f****** work at McDonald's than work with some of those guys. Not that there's anything wrong with working at McDonald's.

12. Bill Cubit, Illinois interim: 3-1, 1-0 against this list. Last week: 12 (-)
Boy did he do some dumb things this past Saturday. This offense keeps looking like it's only prepared for the opening drive. September is wrapping up; in year 3 of this offense, we'd better execute at a higher level.

13. Rick Stockstill, MTSU: 2-2, 0-1 against this list. Last week: NR
Not to be outdone by Bill Cubit's ineptitude, Stockstill made some bizarre decisions of his own, especially on the final drive. Also, it looks like luck wasn't on his side, and if you're not good, you'd better be lucky. Should have been on this list earlier. Illinois totally shut down a pretty solid MTSU rushing attack, but Stockstill's kid at QB tore up that secondary.

14. Brock Spack, Illinois State: 2-1. Last week: 13 (-1). Bye this past week; Saturday they take on Aaron Bailey and Northern Iowa.

15. Lance Leipold, Buffalo: 2-2, 0-1 against the B1G. Last week: NR
In his first year at Buffalo, the D3 Wisconsin-Whitewater legend has yet to set the world on fire. I'd like to see how he handles this step up before considering him closer to the top.

16. Bob Stitt, Montana: 2-2. Last week: 14 (-2)
Beat Northern Arizona to go to 2-2

17. Tommy Tuberville. Boo on this man.

18. Ron Turner, who is 2-2 at FIU and is also not coming back to Illinois.

19. Ron Zook, Packers Special Teams coordinator. Gets a hilarious amount of air time on Packers games due to the infamous NFC championship game onside kick overseen by his predecessor.

20. Greg SchiaNO

21. Will Muschamp. Boy does that Auburn defense look stout.

22. Jim Tressel

23. Scott Walker, Wisconsin governor. At 47, still young enough to be a head coach for a number of years, but handling the media may be an issue.

24. Mark Mangino

25. Brady Hoke

26. Rick Perry, former Texas governor. The window may have just closed on this 65-year old candidate, who would likely recruit Texas well but has a Beckmanesque PR game.

27. Charlie Weis

28. American Pharaoh, Triple Crown winner

29. Withdrawing sports from the Big Ten like U of Chicago

30. Lane Kiffin.