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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 1

I fly a starship across the universe divide


Hey everybody, the college football season has started. Who cares, you say? Well, you do. You are reading a college football blog. Even if you don't care about college football, you have to care about where our writers will be watching the games, and what they will be drinking. That is the definition of being human; caring about the OTE writers whereabouts and drinks.

Sorry for the incoherent rambling. Let's get to it.

I can tell you that I'll be in Amelia Island, FL drinking beer - probably Session Lager.

I'll be in Evanston for Northwestern -Stanford, and I'll be drinking Half Acre Daisy Cutter

Andrew Kraszewski
Friday afternoon, I depart for merry Kalamazoo as part of the Spartan invasion of Waldo Stadium; I'll probably hang around in town for most of Saturday as well. Since it's on the way, I'll stop at Dark Horse Brewery in Marshall and grab some of their amber ale, but I doubt I'll need to drink it this weekend with the beer scene in Kzoo.

I'll be in Milwaukee Thursday Friday and Saturday. Various 3Floyds beers at home and whatever sounds good at the bars. Then finish off with either Blanton's or Booker's depending on the outcome.

Thursday I'll be at TCF Bank Stadium drinking Grain Belt. Friday and Saturday I'll be on my couch in Eagan drinking Surly Hell and/or Coffee Bender.

Thomas Speth
I'll be bartending in Neenah (in between Oshkosh and Appleton). I probably won't be drinking to start out but I'll probably be drinking paint thinner by the 3rd quarter of the Wisconsin/Bama game. Unless Wisconsin's winning, then shots of all kinds for everyone.

Thursday will see me meet InsertName somewhere in Milwaukee to take in TCU-Minnesota. We'll talk Gophers, beer, and anything except hockey, because fuck the Blackhawks. Saturday I'll be rolling into Evanston for a tailgate at a location to be named. We're thinking a Bloody Mary bar to kick off the season, but rest assured I usually find a way to have a Hamm's or 10 before stumbling my way into the stadium. If I feel fancy, perhaps I'll try one of these Goose Island Autumn Ales that I've been hearing so much about. I'll stop, lest I be called a beer snob again.

DJ Carver
I will be in Huntingtown, MD drinking some sort of non-alcoholic beverage while watching the Maryland game because I have to work that night....serving drinks. I at least have to show up sober.

Candystripes For Breakfast
When IU takes on the "mighty" Salukis of Southern Illinois on Saturday afternoon, I'll most likely be at home, watching the game and keeping up with what's going on around the country thanks to Twitter and OTE. As per tradition, my beverage of choice is Vanilla Coke.

Jesse Collins
This weekend will include an ode to the summer cookout with smoked chicken thighs, smoked jalapeno poppers, and maybe smoked shrimp. I'll be adding in some homemade ice cream, and fun will be had by all. I have no idea what I'll be drinking, but most likely it will be water. It's almost fall, though, so who knows. Maybe I'll find something fallish. I'm always open to suggestion.

Creighton M
I will be getting my at-home tailgate started early on Saturday. I'll be watching the Hawkeyes, so my drink of choice will be Kirk Ferentz's favorite beverage: lukewarm tap water. I expect that the game will be so frustrating to watch that by halftime I'll have to switch to something a little stronger: Wooden Nickel Scottish Lager smuggled to Virginia all the way from Backpocket Brewing (a good 2 or 3 miles from Kinnick Stadium). I'll have that paired with homemade bbq pork sandwiches made overnight in the slow cooker.

Ray Ransom
To celebrate opening weekend, I'll be making my way to the first of two Knights vs. Spartans match ups this season. This being the Norfolk State edition, I believe the boys from Jersey have a slightly better chance of victory, so we'll be starting the celebration in the tailgatin' lots with some Bloody Marys (mix, Ketel, horseradish, Worcester, cracked pepper, sea salt and...wait for it...a splash of pickle juice. Trust me, its delish). and because it's an early kickoff, we'll rock the bagels and lox. We're classy AF so that's how we roll. Come out to Jersey sometime and we'll deal you in! Once we get into the stupidly booze-free stadium, it's all smuggled Kraken Spiced Rum and Cola (Pepsi I believe). Again, classy AF.

I'll be waking up my grumpy wife early Saturday morning to travel down to Legendary Historic Kinnick stadium. Hope to get there by 7, probably closer to 8. I'll have a bevy different brews to help improve the experience of Ferentz choking the fun out of football in week 1. I'll be having some Toppling Goliath, Dale's Pale Ale, and hopefully my homebrew (an IPA aged with gin) is carbonated by then. Probably going to ease into the tailgating with some donuts and brats.

Aaron Yorke
A lot of my Penn State friends are heading down to Philly for the game, so I don't know yet if I'll be watching at Tonic East in the City or at home. If I'm at Tonic, I'll be drinking Yuengling and if I'm at home, I'll also probably be drinking Yuengling... as long as I remember to grab some beer today. I just finished my Sam Adam's Summer Ale in time for football season.

I'm going to my ancestral homeland of Southern Indiana this weekend. I'll probably be drinking some sort of coke during the game. I am currently drinking some Zwanzig Brewing Nut Brown Ale as I put this article together and watch the TCU vs Minnesota game.

Please let us know your location and drink of choice in the comments. We promise that we will not use this information nefariously!