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Week 1: Sunday Gamethread

Sunday gamethread? What?

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

I don't even know where to begin with yesterday, so I'm going to defer to GoForThree and his Sunday Morning Coming Down article.  Woof.  Penn State lost to Temple and gave up 10 sacks? Northwestern upset Stanford? These are things that you don't expect to happen in a season, let alone on the same day in Week 1.

Anyways, deferring.  Today's game:

Purdue at Marshall (-7.5) || 3:00pm ET || Fox Sports 1

Purdue, if there were any school that I thought could top the craziness that happened yesterday, I know you can do it.  Don't do it though, just go out there and play a respectable game.  It'd also be fantastic if you could win because this conference doesn't need another team to lose to a non power 5 team this week.  So no pressure or anything.

Normal rules: no illegal streams posted, no illicit photos/videos, keep it somewhat civil if that is at all possible after yesterday, etc.