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Week 1: OSU-VT Gamethread

Week 1 is finally coming to a close with a fifth straight day of football!

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

It's been quite a weekend of football.  Five straight days, Nebraska losing on a hail mary that I think every Northwestern fan is rejoicing about, Penn State getting sacked in the double digits, and Indiana barely pulling by.  Whew.  Let's hope tonight is done in blowout the Buckeyes.

Ohio State at Virginia Tech || 8:00pm ET || ESPN

Ohio State is coming back for revenge this year after Virginia Tech nearly derailed an eventual national championship season last year by upsetting Ohio State in last year's opener in Columbus. This year the Buckeyes are traveling to Blacksburg with a national championship under their belt and looking to show the nation why they could repeat it. We'll get to see JT Barrett back under center after winning a battle with Cardale Jones this summer for the starting QB spot and I think we're all scared/excited to see the chance of Barrett, Jones, and Braxton Miller all on the field at one time somehow.

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