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Spring Position Rankings 2016: IT'S PUNTING TIME

It's the only day MNWildcat cares about at OTE. Come, share in the punt of human kindness with me!

2016 Spring Position Rankings: Head Coaches

It's time to rank the head men in the big ten!

2016 Spring Position Rankings

2016 Spring Position Rankings: The Kickers

Never Skip Leg Day

B1G 2016 Spring Position Rankings: Cornerbacks

While the B1G is known more for line play than it is for cornerbacks, don't forget that such football royalty as Rod and Charles Woodson played cornerback in the B1G. The question is who will take up that mantle for the 2016 season?

The Best Big Ten Safeties in 2016

It's 2016, and these men have hats.

The Best Linebackers in the Big Ten in 2016

We had some greats in 2015...Wisconsin's Joe Schobert, Rutgers' Steve Longa, Northwestern's Anthony Walker, Ohio State's Darron Lee, and Illinois' Mason Monheim. Many are going to the NFL. So who will step up in 2016?

Who Are The Best Defensive Tackles In the Big Ten?


Best of Big Ten Defensive Ends in 2016

What an abundance of super-talented, productive DE's we were blessed with in the B1G in 2015. Will there be a steep drop off in 2016?

B1G 2016 Spring Rankings: The Offensive Line

Next in our Spring Position Rankings, we take on the boys up front. It's time to rank the Big Ten's best - and worst - offensive lines.

B1G 2016 Spring Position Rankings: Tight Ends

Wide receivers, running backs and quarterbacks are the glory boys, but in the conference of three yards and a cloud of dust, tight ends are the one skill position player that has to get in the muck and do the dirty work. This year, the tight end position is one of the strongest position groups in the conference.

B1G 2016 Spring Position Rankings: Wide Receivers

Sometimes great things come in tall packages.

B1G 2016 Spring Position Rankings: Running Backs

Time for a very early look at who the best B1G Running Backs are in 2016.

B1G 2016 Spring Position Rankings: Quarterbacks

Who are the top B1G signalcallers in 2016 in the Big Ten?

B1G 2016 Spring Position Rankings Preview

This was called Spring Fling at one point, but hey, you gotta flex with the times!