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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: National Championship Edition

Alabama, Clemson, Drinks. Not a terrible combo.

There is still one game left in the college football season. Clemson VS Alabama for the National Championship. As God decreed to Moses after appearing to him in the burning bush, "If there is a college football game, there will be a Where We Be, What We Be Drinking." So let's get to it.

Thomas Speth
I'll in Oshkosh shooting darts either proclaiming my significant other is my soulmate (winning) or reminding myself we aren't officially dating (losing). Dating competitive girls is a blessing and a curse since she'll be at least as emotional about it as me.

Candystripes For Breakfast
First off, why in the hell did we have to wait so long for this game? Seriously, I've forgotten what day this was supposed to be numerous times now. Second, it's a Monday night, and since I really don't care very much who wins this game, I'll probably be watching pro wrestling instead. I might be drinking a Pepsi or something (just ran out of Vanilla Coke yesterday).

Andrew Kraszewski
Presumably at home in Detroit since this is a weeknight and the world doesn't stop turning for the NCAA's schedule. If the first half is competitive, perhaps I'll even stay up for the rest.

Milwaukee, maybe a beer but I'm almost done with this cold so I probably shouldn't ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jesse Collins
I'll be chilling in Omaha, maybe at my house, and very potentially I'll be in the hospital awaiting BabyKennardHusker to make her entrance into the world. In both scenarios, I'll probably not be drinking anything but water. So... Fun!

DJ Carver
I'll be sitting on the couch, drinking some recently procured WL Weller (younger Pappy) while I give zero fucks other than watching football.

I'll be curling during the first half, and I'll check out the second half if the score is close. I will drink Magic Hat #9 most likely.

I'll be at home, probably drinking a Surly Abrasive. Will watch as long as it's entertaining. I don't expect to watch the whole thing.

I'll be at home, drinking Heineken.

Graham Filler
Renos east, east lansing. Where service is optional.

Somewhere in Saint Paul with WSR and a couple members of the BHGP brain trust. I'll put away a few Minnesotan beers (dying for some Flat Earth) and curse about Blair Walsh.

Let's us know where you will be and what you will be drinking in the comments (and if you even plan to watch the game).