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Mailbag Questions - Is the Buckeye's Poaching Maryland's Recruits Kosher?

Recruiting questions? Yep. Was Urban Meyer okay poaching Maryland's best recruits? Was Jim Harbaugh's sleepover with a recruit gross? How do you feel about that? What other burning questions do you have? Leave them in the comments and we'll tell you how to think in our next mailbag.

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

It's mailbag time again. We need your questions. But the burning question on my mind is recruiting. I know caring is creepy,but it's getting creepier.

Harbaugh sleeping with kickers...

Urbz killing Maryland's future...

What is the limit? Where do we draw the line? I thought Tim Beckman's full court press of Penn State, immediately following the sanctions was about as low as it got. When the entire Illini coaching staff was in State College, it was unseemly. But that was Tim Beckman at his finest.

Harbaugh doesn't need to put on footy pajamas and go sleep at a recruit's house. That's really creepy. If I'm the parent, there's no fucking way that happens. UM can get Jimmy a hotel room. I'd be worried about a tantrum if he doesn't get the top bunk.

And Urban. Did you really need to steal Maryland's future? It wasn't enough to take the best recruit they've had in a took BOTH OF THEM?!


Word to the wise, Buckeye fans. I wouldn't show your face around the Maryland boards any time soon. You may have displaced PSU as the most hated school...for now at least.

Anyway, ask us your questions about this stuff and anything else. Basketball, hockey, NFL or life in general. We're here for you...

Your Friend,