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[UPDATED 1/28] StewPoll - Basketball edition

[UPDATED 1/28] Going to have my rating system pinned here. It will be updated daily so people can peruse at their desire and for transparency.

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Feel free to use the comments to discuss this as you see fit.  I might add some comments myself when I feel like there's anything noteworthy.




  • Huge top 10 matchup tonight with Iowa/Maryland
  • That skid really hurt MSU.  They stopped the bleeding against Maryland.  Where do they go from here?
  • Purdue is a pretty known quantity by now.  They'll dominate against teams that can't take advantage of their poor backcourt.  Still, lots of wins coming down the line for them, should move up a bit.
  • Indiana still can't win in Wisconsin.  Their schedule is a joke.  Still, they'll have enough wins to snag a decent seed.
  • I could see Michigan getting hot down the stretch and make a push for a top 5 seed if LeVert can get back soon.
  • Wisconsin and Northwestern moving in opposite directions.
  • Ohio State is just not good.
  • The trinity of suck and hard work, Penn State, Illinois, and Nebraska.  Each have already snagged victories over one of the higher ranked teams.  I wouldn't doubt each gets another.
  • Minnesota is horrible.
  • Buttgers: