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Big Ten Football: Week 7 Preview in MS Paint Infographics

Or Something

This paragraph is the same as always. Skip it.

Seriously. There’s nothing to read here. It’s empty words. Trust me, I know what empty is like. It’s pretty cold and it’s pretty lonely and doesn’t keep you much company as you spend seven hours driving back home by yourself across the rural Midwest after witnessing a home loss to what could be the worst coaching staff in the history of the conference.

The sky was endless brilliant blue, the air a temperate 68 degrees with no wind. Though the corn and soy that characterized the region were spent for this year, the grass remained green around the boundaries and the occasional patch of trees a delightful range of colors made brilliant by full sunlight.

It felt like the dead of winter.

Here is a preview of Week 7 in MS Paint Infographics.

Ed note: Thumpasaurus was pulled from this start at this point. He was then placed on the disabled list retroactive to October 8th after a medical examination revealed a compound fracture of the pride. This is an injury we’ve seen here before; Thumpasaurus himself had just recovered from a shattered pride suffered last November 28th; further updates on his recovery are pending and the press will be notified as soon as a timetable becomes available.