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Mailbag Questions: What in the Hell is Wrong with…?

Damn, there is epic carnage in the middle of the B1G. Ask us about it...

Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve had some fun earlier this week, ripping on the newest members of the B1G. /waves at the turtle and the sad knight. And we all acknowledge that a few teams are rising like cream in fresh milk…/you know who you are.

But I know you Midwesterners have questions. Like what in the hell is wrong with Illinois/Iowa/Minnesota/Northwestern? I mean, seriously. That’s the heart of the B1G and there are some serious flaws.

These are teams that folks had high hopes for, before the season. Now we have cornered the market on small batch, special-brewed bleach. There are head coaches in this division who go home at night and simply weep. Others are looking for coordinators’ positions in the NFL.

This season is so weird...let me show you what I mean:

  • The Spartans have the same number of conference wins as Rutgers, Minnesota, and Illinois.
  • Purdue and Iowa have lost the same number of games.
  • Purdue is tied with Maryland, Indiana, Northwestern, and Wisconsin in conference wins
  • The East Division has 12 losses total. Three teams accounted for 9 of them.
  • The coaches who haven't won a conference game yet are Tracy Claeys, Chris Ash, Lovie Smith, and Mark Dantonio
So yeah, it's not the season we all expected. Leave your questions in the comments below. But hell, I may have enough to do a Townie-Only mailbag!

Your Friend,