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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 7

Let’s stop thinking about work for today and start thinking about where we will be and what we will be drinking tomorrow.

Graham Filler
Ah, what a stunning way to spend a Saturday. I will be doing work for my local Republican Party in the morning (I am the treasurer) and then mowing the lawn. I've attached a photo of me mowing the lawn. You're welcome. Then I will be stopping by a couple tailgates in A and J lot before rolling into the MSU-NW game amidst the eternal discussion of: Will MSU make a bowl game?

Graham mowing the lawn

I'll be happily enjoying PSU's bye week in sunny Amelia Island, where I'll be chainsawing up broken trees and limbs.

Insert Name
Danforth illinois, may or may not watch any football this weekend. Likely drinking apple cider and whiskey.

Candystripes For Breakfast
It's quite possible I'll be working during the IU game this weekend. As such, I can't really say what I might be drinking, as I may not be drinking anything.

At some sort of restaurant or bar that has many games on, so that I will only have to glance at the boring beating that Iowa is going to lay on Purdue this weekend. It will certainly be sad to end the one week of victory celebration that Purdue fans get per year.

Belly up to a bar in Milwaukee, perhaps starting with a nice Bloody Mary and moving on to some of the excellent craft beer this city produces. I just went out and got a fresh jug of bleach today, so I'm ready for whatever the weekend has in store for me.

I'll be back in the suburbs watching the MSU game with my dad on tv. I'll be drinking whatever's in the fridge.

Thomas Speth
I'll be in Osh. Working/Drinking during the game. Most likely drowning my sorrows in hard liquor after. Last time Wisconsin played OSU one of my roommates and I cleaned out a bottle of rumplemintze in the second half. I'd rather not have to repeat that.

Andrew Kraszewski
I'll be in East Lansing for homecoming, reuniting with the college crew to engage in the wild debauchery 4 beers probably and then a sensible dinner at a sports bar after the game. Can't go wrong with Bell's Brown this time of year.

Creighton M
My beer guy just started stocking Founders, so I'm going to throw back a few Breakfast Stouts while munching on donuts from the expensive hipster donut shop down the street because I don't feel like Iowa vs Purdue is a game worthy of me putting in effort to cook something.

Jesse Collins
In Austin, on my couch, probably eating barbecue. Sense a Saturday theme?

Brian Gillis
I'll be in Los Angeles again this weekend. If only I had some Austin barbeque.

We end our weekly excursion on Brian’s wistful note. Oh, how we all wish we had some Austin barbecue. Please talk about where you will be and what you will be drinking.