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Week 7: Big Ten Stock Report

Wow, outside of the top two of each division this conference really lacks depth...

Nebraska v Indiana Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

So, two weeks into October and we now have clear front runners in each division and it’s beginning to show. There isn’t a ton of stock up, a lot of stocks holding, and even more that we should just burn, now.

Stock Up

Minnesota Golden Gophers - Congratulations, you and your backup quarterback thoroughly trounced Maryland. Minnesota dominated both lines of scrimmage en route to a 14-0 lead at half and an eventual 31-10 win. Next up: Rutgers.

Iowa Hawkeyes - Iowa only lands a spot in stock up because it would appear, at least for a week, they remember what offense is. They also played Purdue, who promptly fired their coach after the game. Next up: Wisconsin.

Northwestern Wildcats - Is this the same Northwestern who lost to Illinois State? Putting up 54 points on Michigan State is impressive, even in a down year for Sparty. Next up: Indiana.

Purdue Boilermakers - You finally came to the realization to fire Darrell Hazell! That counts as a win, right? Next up: at Nebraska.

Stock Holding

Ohio State Buckeyes - Ohio State came out flat in the 1st quarter, letting Wisconsin shutdown the offense and allowing a 10-0 deficit to be produced. They came back and won in OT but we all expect better from the #2 team in the nation. Next up: at Penn State.

Wisconsin Badgers - No one earns stock down after taking the #2 team to OT. Wisconsin built an early 10-0 lead before slowly letting it slip away and getting stuffed in OT. Still, they are a team whose only two losses are to two Top 5 teams and looks very impressive on defense while starting a RS freshman QB. Next up: at Iowa.

Illinois Fighting Illini - Wooooo, you beat Rutgers! Scratch that, I should say Rutgers beat themselves. Illinois was outgained in the game and only managed to win this because Rutgers had a new found affinity for shooting themselves in the foot on every single drive. Next up: at Michigan.

Nebraska Cornhuskers - That was a very lucky win where a lot of things happened in the fourth to make it possible but a win is a win, right? Nebraska held on and capitalized on some key Hoosier mistakes to hang onto the win. Next up: Purdue.

Indiana Hoosiers - Another week and another game where you are almost there. Indiana is clearly the second tier behind the four top ten teams, perhaps by themselves, and has fallen victim to having played two of them the past two weeks. Next up: at Northwestern.

Stock Down

Maryland Terrapins - That was embarrassing. Minnesota absolutely dominated both lines of scrimmage in this game. Why did Maryland decide they were going to throw over 70% of the time when the MO has been to run the ball? The OL was horrendous in pass protection and left Pigrome running for his life on each drop back. This has to be fixed along with a healthy Perry Hills if Maryland wants to have a chance against Michigan State, who doesn’t even look good this year. Next up: Michigan State.

Michigan State - Things are getting pretty bad in East Lansing. Giving up 54 POINTS to Northwestern?! Both lines of scrimmage looked awful, which means that next week will be a battle of which terrible line in the game can be slightly better. Next up: at Maryland.

Rutgers Scarlet Knights - I think you guys just turned it over again. Next up: at Minnesota.