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Mailbag Question Request: Who Ya Got in the B1G West?

Questions answered and questions raised...I know you have them. Leave em in the comments below.

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we all knew it was coming, but I didn't expect it this weekend. That's right...Northwestern put up 54 points on Michigan State!

Also, Purdue let Darrell Hazell go. Sad but true. Let the endless speculation begin. Warning to Purdue fans...low expectations will make you happier folks in general.

As a quick review, Nebraska, Ohio State, and Michigan are undefeated. Yes, Nebraska is still undefeated! The Huskers still have to face Ohio State and Wisconsin. Most folks put Wisconsin as the third best  team in the B1G right now, after close losses to both OSU and UM.

That means we have a 2 horse race for the winner of the West: Nebraska and Wisconsin. It may seem obvious now, but in the preseason, I think everyone had Iowa in the lead at this point (Lol Iowa)

Put October 29th on the calendar folks. It's the Huskers at the Badgers for all the marbles in the West. I circled that game for the Corn Huskers. If they win, then they are in the championship game, no matter what happens at Ohio State.

For Wisconsin, this is it. A do or die game. Wisconsin's schedule only has Nebraska and a surging Northwestern team left to get through. But they can't drop another game. Nebraska will likely be a 2 loss team at worst.

Wisconsin needs to beat the Huskers at home and get past a surging Northwestern team that hung 54 points on Sparty...did I say that already? Fifty-four points by the nerds. Holy hell.

Anyway, it's getting real good in the B1G right now! Give us your questions in the feedback below.

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