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NCAA College Football Rankings: Stew System - Week 7

It’s a Harbaugh world

Wisconsin v Michigan Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

I don’t really have much of a lead this week, so let’s just jump in.

B1G Thoughts:

  • The system still likes Michigan quite a bit. Still significantly above Clemson
  • OSU lost some ground, again. Still, it’ll all come down to The Game.
  • UNL breaks into the top 10. They’re not the lowest rated undefeated team, though. The teeth of their schedule is still in front of them.
  • Wisconsin, fittingly, is grouped with Tennessee and Auburn, good two loss teams with tough schedules.
  • PSU creeps into the top 25. They are going to have to keep it close to remain there this week. But then they’ve got a few easy weeks to make it back. They’ve really only got 1 more guaranteed loss left, could finish with a very good record, though that schedule is looking weaker, and weaker.
  • Maryland and Minnesota are virtually tied right now. But Maryland has fallen from 11th to 40th in 2 weeks, they’re headed in the wrong direction. Don’t get too mad gopher fans, the Terps are just being buoyed by some early season success against cupcakes.
  • Indiana is the 3rd highest rated 3 loss team (behind USC and Ole Miss). And they’ve had a bit of bad luck. Their MoV is -3, their opponents have been 23-10 in games not against the Hoosiers. They’re a pretty decent team with some bad luck against a good schedule.
  • jNW has rebounded nicely from their early season struggles. With the mess in the West they can still get to a bowl fairly easily.
  • Iowa also working their way back to mediocrity. But man, I still don’t believe in this team.
  • Huge dropoff here to Illinois and Purdue.
  • Congrats Rutgers, you’ve accomplished more than MSU.
  • Sparty, there are not enough words to describe how bad you should feel about your team.

Other thoughts:

  • ‘Bama passed OSU in my system, and halved the rating distance between them and MI in a single week. Also, 3rd is the lowest ranking in the entire Massey Composite. They are an unfeeling death-machine. I expect them to make another big gain this week with their huge showdown with TAMU. Man, wouldn’t it be sweet if the Aggies can pull the upset?
  • The Mighty Boat Rowers regain the top G5 spot. Does anyone think 2 G5 schools make a NY6 game? Which two? I think Houston is gonna get left out, and Boise and WMU both have pretty decent shots at running the table.
  • The Big 12 has the 2 lowest rated undefeated teams. What a shitty, shitty conference.
  • WOO!!! Troy!
  • My Buffs still holding on to the top 25.
  • Wazzou has the weirdest resume. Lost to FCS, still knocking on the door of the top 30.
  • Also, remember everyone writing off USC? Well, they’re also clawing their way back.
  • I’m sorry, Army, that loss to Buffalo hurts like hell. Let this be a reminder that kickers are important.

Big Risers:

  • New Mexico got a pretty good win over a decent Air Force team.
  • Idaho got a win, and some good SoS boost to vault them up a bit.
  • WKY squeaked by MDSU. A lot of Jess Brohm talk, but I’m not sure there’s all that much to his resume.

Falling Down:

  • South Alabama had a big letdown after knocking off San Diego St. promptly losing to a pretty bad Arky St. team.
  • Georgia, what the fuck is wrong with you?
  • Mentioned Air Force up above, losing to New Mexico is a Bad Idea.

Projected Playoff Teams:

Now, for DJ’s article earlier in the week I just submitted my top 4 teams, as was requested. But I’m going to project forward here. One team per conference with preference given to conference champs.

  1. Michigan
  2. Clemson
  3. Alabama
  4. Washington

Conference Ratings:

  • The MACtion edges out Fun Belt this week.
  • The Big 12 continues to be terrible.
  • The top 3 are pretty close.