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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 8

Better late than never? We’ll see.

Candystripes for Breakfast
I will be at work for the entire game, rather than just the first half as I was last week. So, I might convince one of my coworkers to make a Vanilla Coke run for me, but otherwise there might not be any drinks consumed by me during the game. What I'm drinking afterwards probably depends on the result.

I will be in beautiful St. Paul, Minnesota, as I present at a conference. That's exciting, I guess, and I get to be home in the Cities from Thursday morning through Monday morning, which I love. As for Saturday, though, once I get out of the second morning session at 11:45, I'll be finding a bar -- let's say Bulldog Lowertown -- in Saint Paul at which I can belly up, have some good Minnesota beer (please Flat Earth Brewery), and nervously sit through the first Homecoming I'll have missed since becoming a Northwestern student.

I'll be not watching football in beautiful Galway, Ireland. All the Guiness, none of the football.

DJ Carver
Tailgating in College Park starting at 130, it'll be a good time. Perhaps if I can find a wifi hotspot I'll bring the iPad for some football viewing as well, otherwise copious amounts of booze will lessen the sting of the probably impending loss.

I’ll be in Evanston drinking some good stuff I’ll find in the whole foods on fullerton and sheffield. Later in the evening I'll be in Wrigleyville ready to party my ass off if the Cubs win the National League and go to the World Series.

Insert Name
I will be in Naperville getting my eyes checked during the first half of Minnesota-Rutgers. Heading to the United Center for Hawks-Maple Leafs in the evening. Pretty Sure Bud Light is the UC beer sponsor so lots of that.

I'll be at Legendary, Historic Kinnick Stadium, drinking. Heavily. Probably an assortment of Toppling Goliath, the New Belgium Citradelic I found on sale, and maybe I bring something from my cellar.

I'll be at Legendary, Historic TCF Bank Stadium, drinking. Heavily. Probably just a cornucopia of Grain Belt and Surly products because I'm a creature of habit.

I'll be in Lincoln, nervously watching the Huskers play Purdue because, uh, 2015 lingers on in my memory. I will probably not be drinking anything too interesting, but as long as it doesn't end up being my own tears from losing to Purdue for the second straight year, I'm ok with that.

I’ll be watching the beginning of the nationally televised Purdue game and then mowing the lawn when it gets out of hand.

I'll be in Detroit's Eastern Market at the Michigan Craft Brewers Guild Fall Festival, hopefully meeting up with Andrew Ksczszczsczcszcszcki so that we can drink until we have pride in our football teams again. FINISH YOUR DRINK WHEN ILLINOIS GETS A FIRST DOWN!

AK: Saturday sold out, Thump. :(

Thump: Really? Ok well I guess now I'm doing nothing because I didn't know they'd sell out in advance.

Andrew Kraszewski
I'm feeling a cider mill day coming on, somewhere in SE MI though the exact location has yet to be determined. Having missed out on the Brewers Guild Fall Festival, I will grumpily drink cider (with a splash or perhaps bucket of Captain therein).

Brian Gillis
I'll be in Los Angeles this weekend. Saturday I'll be saving a seat for GoForThree at the Hermosa Beach Sharkeez.