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Week 8: Big Ten Noon Gamethread

Can Iowa upset Wisconsin? Can Rutgers score?

Iowa v Wisconsin Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

Not a lot of noon games this week and, well, we already know the result of one of them. Here is the lineup:

Rutgers at Minnesota (-18) || 12:00pm ET || ESPNU

The remainder of this year is really going to be a question of whether or not Rutgers can cover the spread. I’m going with not this game!

#10 Wisconsin at Iowa (+3.5) || 12:00pm ET || ESPN

This is probably another 14-6 repeat of Iowa/Minnesota waiting to happen with both teams defenses. Then again, that really depends on which Iowa defense shows up as well. Still, with a RS Freshman at QB I’m not sure Wisconsin is going to go all Northwestern against Sparty on Iowa.

Indiana at Northwestern (-3) || 12:00pm ET || BTN

I don’t even know. Indiana is playing defense this year and Northwestern is playing offense. This game is all kinds of backwards. Indiana? I’m going with Indiana, they’ve at least been consistent.

Normal rules apply: No illegal streams, no illicit photos/links/gifs, don’t be an asshat. Enjoy!