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Week 8: Big Ten Football Stock Report

Can anyone beat the Michigan Wolverines?

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Penn State Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

What a Week! A Top 2 team is taken down, Rutgers showed life and Sparty is starting to look lifeless as D’Antonio keeps throwing his team under the bus in the media. What’s it done to people’s stock?

Stock Up

Penn State Nittany Lions - Taking care of the obvious here, Penn State’s stock is way up after that performance. The Nittany Lions defensive line was harrassing J.T. Barrett all night and the offensive line surprisingly gave McSorley enough protection to run the offense. Special Teams came through HUGE at the end of the game to lock things up for the W. Next up: Purdue.

Maryland Terrapins - The return of Perry Hills is what Maryland needed as they fought for a 28-17 victory over Michigan State. Maryland turned it on in the fourth quarter to pull away from a closely fought game as they scored 14 points in the fourth alone and had two individual 100 yard rushers. Next up: at Indiana.

Northwestern Wildcats - I’ll say it yet again, where would Northwestern be if half of this offense showed up in the first two weeks? As Iowa falls they appear to have been replaced in the West by Northwestern, whose two early season losses appear to be an abnormality for them this season. Next up: at Ohio State.

Stock Holding

Michigan Wolverines - One could argue that Michigan did worse than expected today as they only beat Illinois 41-8 and didn’t beat the spread. I certainly expected more and I’m sure Harbaugh did too. Next up: Michigan State.

Nebraska Cornhuskers - Ones stock does not move up when you struggle the entire first half against Purdue and only pull out a 27-14 victory. A win is a win but Nebraska has some things to work on this week. Next up: at Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Badgers - You won your trophy but your offense looks inept and needlessly brewed a midseason QB controversy. Who starts this week? Which Corey Clement do we get? Next up: Nebraska.

Minnesota Golden Gophers - I debated stock down area for you, your “writers” certainly would have voted for it, but ultimately it was a conference win. Giving up a 21-3 lead and almost losing to Rutgers though? Next up: at Illinois.

Stock Down

Michigan State Spartans - Two wins and winless in conference. Raise your hand if you thought this would happen to MSU. Things are falling apart at the seems in East Lansing and D’Antonio can’t stop calling his team out to the media. Keep that in house. Next up: Michigan.

Ohio State Buckeyes - Happy Valley got to you guys, huh? While you aren’t technically eliminated from the playoffs you now have a very big uphill climb. Michigan is in the drivers seat and your offense looks like it is really struggling with its passing game. Next up: Northwestern.

Illinois Fighting Illini - You beat the spread! After the 1st quarter I thought Harbaugh was going to go all Rutgers on you guys but you kept that score down. Things are getting rough though and y’all have a chance to beat Minnesota after they struggled mightily with Rutgers. Next up: Minnesota.

Purdue Boilermakers - Hey, I’ll give you guys this. You went out there and took a Top 10 team into the second half and kept this game interesting. That is some fight, especially after your head coach is fired midseason. Next up: Penn State.

Iowa Hawkeyes - Oh, the mighty have fallen. Hawkeye tears after last year are so sweet. Kirk Ferentz has seemingly lost his mind after that contract extension and no longer knows 8 points is a possible scoring drive. Next up: bye.

Rutgers Scarlet Knights - You guys are being traded again! That was quite the pulse you showed against Minnesota and probably the hope your fans needed after that rough patch. It’s still a major, major rebuild coming. Next up: bye.

Indiana Hoosiers - I’m out of excuses for you guys. Tough teams aside, you’re 3-4 and the offense looks very meh this year. Next up: Maryland Terrapins.