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Post Week 8: College Football Playoff Predictions, Where Does Michigan Stand?

How far has Ohio State fallen after their loss to Penn State?

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

What a week. Things are much, much clearer for one week now that a Top 4 team has lost. The Penn State takedown of Ohio State has shaken up the playoff picture but also cleared things up as well. The past three weeks we have had two to three teams in Michigan, Clemson and Washington vying for the third and fourth playoff spots but the loss of one of those certainly cleared the picture up for a week. Here is how things look from our "writer" predictions:

"Writer" Number 1 Seed Number 2 Seed Number 3 Seed Number 4 Seed
Aaron Yorke Alabama Washington Clemson Michigan
WSR Alabama Washington Michigan Clemson
MNW Alabama Michigan Washington Clemson
Creightonm Alabama Michigan Clemson Washington
alnamais Alabama Washington Michigan Clemson
DJ Alabama Michigan Washington Clemson
Candy Alabama Michigan Washington Clemson
GF3 Alabama Michigan Clemson Washington
Insertname Alabama Michigan Washington Clemson
LPW Alabama Michigan Washington Clemson
Thump Alabama Michigan Washington Clemson
Stew Michigan Alabama Clemson Louisville
Speth Alabama Michigan Washington Clemson
zuzu Alabama Michigan Washington Clemson
BigRedTwice Alabama Michigan Washington Clemson

Summarized: Thanks Buckeyes! You made this so much easier. Thanks to you, literally only one other team received one vote. Here is the OffTackleEmpire (and the right) Top 4:

Rank Team Points
1 Alabama 55
2 Michigan 42
3 Washington 28
4 Clemson 17

Here are some key games coming up in Week 8:

  • Alabama: Bye. Yep, #1 is intact.
  • #2 Michigan Wolverines take on in state rival Michigan State. MSU just lost to Maryland and....uh, this one doesn’t look close. Don’t worry Sparty, OSU/PSU looked that way too!
  • #3 Clemson takes on #12 Florida State. By far this is the game of the week and the game that can shake this picture up the most. If Clemson loses? 1 loss Louisville and Ohio State are right back in it but so are undefeated [for now] Nebraska, Baylor, and West Virginia. What a game.
  • Next closest to that? #4 Washington at #17 Utah. Same implications and, wow, if both lose the playoff picture next week sure will be fun.
  • #7 Nebraska at #11 Wisconsin. If Nebraska can win this game they’ll slap Wisconsin in the face and also lay claim to at least a conversation regarding the playoffs. Think Penn State fans are bad after a big win? I can only imagine a relevant Nebraska.