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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 9

So, the Billy Joel station is back on the satellite radio, and I’ve been listening to it a lot recently. Don’t Ask Me Why.

I’ll be in West Lafayette watching Penn State not have a let down game against Purdue. This is Gerard Parker’s Big Shot to make a statement in front of the home crowd. I’ll be partaking of a bottomless Coke/Coke Zero depending on how things are going in the field and how I feel at the time. The weather is supposed to be nice at least; there’s no Storm Front coming.

I'll be in Lincoln Park, either at Kincades or Gamekeepers all day watching college football and the Cubs in the WORLD SERIES! LETS GO CATS! LETS GO CUBS! I'll be drinking tons of goose island, revolution brewing beer and PBR. Oh and Old Style. I was planning on watching games in Wrigleyville, but spending like $250 on a cover charge and way more in other fees is not a wise use of my money.

Andrew Kraszewski
I'll be at Huckfest, an ultimate frisbee tournament in Grand Rapids, blissfully unaware of the carnage that is sure to unfold on the field in East Lansing. Gotta stay hydrated, so I'll be hitting Founders Breakfast Stout pretty hard

Big Red Twice
In honor of my recent promotion to the writing staff, I am opting not to watch the Nebraska-Wisconsin game this week. It's tough work, but we "writers" are here to underserve you, and we do it proudly. I have tickets to the Nebraska-Northwestern volleyball match, which is inconveniently at 7pm on Saturday, and I will be drinking a stadium-priced bottle of water. Hopefully, the match will be a little better for my blood pressure than the football game. This strategy has served me in good stead for a Nebraska-Wisconsin football game before: I went to a Cornell hockey game rather than watch the infamous 70-31 massacre. I regret nothing.

I'll be in Champaign for Homecoming, most likely sippin on Natty Light in the early morning hours...then I'll head to Memorial Stadium in my orange and blue to cheer the gray and really-dark-blue.

I'm finally home, after missing an instant classic last weekend. You know it was a great game when Buckeye fans can only stammer about the refs and how bad (lol) their team played. I'll be sipping something clean and refreshing, a pilsner yet to be bought, after drinking my weight in Guinness last week. It's a good think it takes a while to pour one of them or I'd have drunk twice my weight!

Brian Gillis
This week is the Michigan/Michigan State game, so naturally I’ll be in … San Francisco. I may watch the game at the Taco Shop at Underdogs, a favorite place to watch Michigan games in the city, but if not there, you can bet I’ll be watching somewhere. And to commemorate being in the Bay Area, I'll be doing so with an Anchor Steam close at hand.

I'll be in Salt Lake City at the Society of Vertebrate Paleontogy's annual conference at the Grand American Hotel. Thank goodness Rutgers is on their long overdue bye week because I'd very guiltily not be able to watch the game with all this science and beauty around. It's the last day of the conference and there's a big banquet/party. Paleontologists drink a lot... We'll see if I decide to match my peers.

Insert Name
I'll be in Chicago with a bunch of friends from Minnesota. Gonna watch the Gophs and the World Series. All of the beers and whiskey.

Creighton M
I'll be in Charlottesville hanging out at a brewery with my in-laws and watching football. Thankfully Iowa is off this week so I can only be disappointed so much

Jesse Collins
Hey, I’ll be in Austin again, only this week I’ll be conflicted as I watch Nebraska take on Wisconsin and balance that with the Cubs in the WS. To celebrate both fun things, I’ll probably get me some barbecue and comfort my fears of impending doom.

I’ll be Nashville, as ever. No real excitement on Saturday, though one of my officers is retiring after 32 years Friday and is having a party Friday night, so the hangover from that should last me a few months.

I was going to drive to the NU-OSU game in Columbus, but the last two away games I've impulsively attended Northwestern lost big at Iowa and got [ERROR MEMORY NOT FOUND] at Michigan. As the ‘Cats haven’t won in Columbus For the Longest Time (since 1971?), I don’t really think my presence will help.

So I'll be at a stupid department event at Estabrook Park in Milwaukee, paying too much for liters of beer at a city-owned beer garden while sitting 50 feet about the River of Dreams and pouting as I use my data to stream BTN2Go on my phone so I can watch the 'Cats get piss-pounded. Ah, My Life. On the bright side, I'll be drinking something Dunkel and eating a pretzel, so it could technically be worse.

Candystripes For Breakfast
I'll be at work for the early games, then celebrating my birthday at Buca di Beppo during the second half of IU-Maryland. I probably won't be drinking anything exciting, because it's a family celebration, but I never really drink anything exciting, so that's not a huge change.

It sounds like C4B is going to enact some Scenes from an Italian Restaurant!