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Week 5: Big Ten Football Stock Report

The west looks like a complete mess.

Ohio State v Oklahoma Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Well, the West looks like a complete mess after this week sans Nebraska and Wisconsin. It looks like Kirk has thrown in the towel on the year after the extension as the presumed front runners going into the year and as a result the West appears to be the Cornhuskers to lose. Let’s take a look at everyones stock after Week 5:

Stock Up

Maryland Terrapins - Maryland absolutely destroyed Purdue this weekend, totaling 400 yards on the ground on 45 carries while holding Purdue to a net 10 yards rushing. Impressive, even if it is Purdue. Things will get harder next week playing at Penn State. Next up: at Penn State.

Penn State Nittany Lions - Penn State struggled on offense most of the game but they didn’t give up on the rush when they needed it most. Barkley ripped a 25 yard TD run for a win after the defense held Minnesota to a FG on the first posession of OT. Penn State is going to need to improve it’s 3rd down efficiency if they don’t want to rely on luck all season as they’re currently 127th in the FBS in third down conversions. Next up: Maryland.

Michigan Wolverines - Michigan beat a stout Wisconsin defense on Saturday in a game that didn’t see much offense but did see a ton of great defense. Jim Harbaugh continues to make headlines, whether it’s sleeping at a recruits house or lining the entire offense up in an eye formation pre-snap to break the huddle. Jourdan Lewis also made a ridiculous one handed INT to end Wisconsin’s chance to drive down the field in the 4th to tie the game. Next up: Bye at Rutgers.

Nebraska Cornhuskers - After playing from behind for most of the game, Nebraska suddenly remembered how to play offense and ripped off 21 straight points in the 4th quarter to save their undefeated season. Terrell Newby was largely non-existent until he ran for 100+ yards in the 4th including a 63 yard TD for the last TD in the game. Next up: Bye.

Indiana Hoosiers - I don’t know why you and Sparty play a game for a Spittoon of all things but you won It. That was a great way to bounce back after an ugly loss to Wake Forest and continuing to put Michigan State’s status in the top tier of the East in doubt. Next up: Ohio State.

Northwestern Wildcats - I didn’t watch this game. Not at all. Tailgating in the rain and remembering why I miss college so much was far more interesting, but besides that LOL, you win all the points by further making Kirk’s extension appear to be a joke. Looks like you guys exploited the suspect Iowa DL well and Austin Carr has emerged as a go to target. Next up: Bye.

Ohio State Buckeyes - Great job kicking byes ass! The restocking plan you guys had for this year is looking amazing and no one short of Bama or Michigan may give you issues. Next up: Indiana.

Stock Holding

Wisconsin Badgers - You’re not going down in stock for playing a tough game against a Top 5 opponent. Reading various Wisconsin outlets and your fanbase comments tell me otherwise and remind me just how high expectations can be when you're program is consistently good. Next up: Bye.

Illinois Fighting Illini - Similar to Wisconsin, I’m not going to knock you for leading going into the fourth quarter against an undefeated Nebraska team. Illini fans should have confidence in Lovie’s first year that he already has you competing against Top 25 teams into the 4th quarter with the talent he was given. Next up: Purdue.

Minnesota Golden Gophers - The rushing game looks legit but you’re going to need to pass the ball a bit further than short dump offs if you want to be effective. Teams already have the box stacked to stop the run. Next up: Iowa.

Stock Down

Purdue Boilermakers - When is enough, enough? Darrell Hazell is not a good coach. In fact, before even looking at any tape he immediately blamed execution by the players in the post game presser. Not a good look. At some point things are going to boil over and changes will be made in West Lafayette. Next up: Illinois.

Rutgers Scarlet Knights - I hope you took my advice last week and started drinking early. Things are going to be rough all year long and next week doesn’t look any better. Next up: Michigan.

Michigan State Spartans - I’m starting to think this is going to be a long year for you guys. You’re not going to fail to the bottom of the league, that’s for sure, [Redacted] and Rutgers have that on lock. Compared to expectations though? You may start looking to basketball season. Next up: BYU.

Iowa Hawkeyes - See Michigan State, except you’ll finish slightly lower at this rate. Minnesota is next and I would’nt feel confident. Next up: Minnesota.