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Week 9: Big Ten Football Stock Report

Is the noise Penn State is making for real?

Nebraska v Wisconsin Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

What a week in college football. How many undefeated teams went down again? At least one from Big Ten did but in shocking fashion still control their own destiny in the Big Ten West over the Top 10 team they lost to. Here is the stock report:

Stock Up

Penn State Nittany Lions - At one point this game was tied at 14-14 and then Penn State realized they were playing Purdue. So much for Purdue’s one week give it all for the interim coach. This game tells us nothing about Penn State as Maryland was able to beat Purdue 50-7. Next up: Iowa.

Indiana Hoosiers - After a few weeks of getting beat, a win over a middle of the pack Maryland team is what you needed. Maryland is terrible against the run and you exploited it, just as everyone should. Next up: at Rutgers.

Michigan Wolverines - I debated this. You won against a rival and that is ultimately why you are here but you let a bad Spartans team run down the field on the first drive and hold you to essentially 3 points in the second half. Is that the first crack to be seen in the foundation? Luckily for you, next up: Maryland.

Wisconsin Badgers - Another Top 10 Big Ten team but this time you won. Too bad those two prior losses will haunt you unless Nebraska loses again. If you can find the QB that works best and find some luck along the way with a Nebraska loss then you may make some noise at the end of the season. Next up: at Northwestern.

Minnesota Golden Gophers - Everyone loves playing Illinois! Everything looks great after you play Illinois, even if you are Rutgers sans the turnovers! Seriously, don’t take anything from it. Luckily for you, Purdue next! Next up: Purdue.

Stock Holding

Nebraska Cornhuskers - Taking a very, very good Wisconsin defense into OT? This isn’t a bad loss and you still control your own destiny. Unfortunately, it’s not any easier this week. Next up: at Ohio State.

Ohio State Buckeyes - Another week, another offensive struggle. The playoff hope is still alive with the win over Northwestern but it’s not that impressive. Next up: Nebraska.

Northwestern Wildcats - You gave Ohio State a run for their money and that’s probably all you were hoping for with the off chance it stuck. We aren’t faulting you there but don’t let it get your hopes down as the season moves on. Next up: Wisconsin.

Stock Down

Maryland Terrapins - The run defense is absolutely awful and is in contention for worst in college. Yeah, that bad. Indiana was a > 100 ranked running team and you made it look good. The next three weeks aren’t any better with Michigan, Ohio State and Nebraska. Next up: at Michigan.

Michigan State Spartans - You gave Michigan all they can handle and the defense looked competent in the second half, small victories right? The play calling is getting really weird this year though and most of America is scratching their head. Next up: at Illinois.

Illinois Fighting Illini - Welp, the long season continues. The fan attendance at homecoming should be particularly worrisome as it appeared that even a new coach can’t motivate the fans to come out. Next up: Michigan State.

Purdue Boilermakers - You should be embarrassed. This game was 14-14 at one point and it all fell apart in the second half as you gave up 40+ points in two quarters and apparently forgot how you were making this close. Next up: at Minnesota.