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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 6

This week it will be much better to be in certain places than others. For example, it will be much better to not be in the path of the hurricane. Stay safe out there, and enjoy some college football and some drinks!

I'll be somewhere in western Florida as I evacuate away from hurricane Matthew.

Stay safe, Townie. I'll be in the office in Milwaukee, having a few cups of coffee while I knock out a 40-book annotated bibliography on colonial American history. Might go out and play some tennis after I watch FREE FLOYD, so I'll keep it to light stuff, like the Smithwick's my sister got me for my birthday. Will probably hit up Third Space Brewing Co, a new place that opened up all of half a mile from the office, at night.

Graham Filler
Paul Revere is my brother for life. Anyway. GOTW is TAMU-TN. Will be on the couch, watching this SEC showdown and MSU-BYU with a friend whose a tremendous TAMU homer. Pray for me. I've requested he bring Michigan microbrews.

Insert Name
Attempting to fly from Nashville to Minneapolis. Get to drive back to Chicago after getting to Minneapolis. If I catch the 6am direct I will go to FREEFLOYDFREEFLOYDFREEFLOYD. If not, I'll drive home and listen on the radio. Coffee in the morning followed by lots of water.

Candystripes For Breakfast
I'm probably going to have another harrowing weekend at home, hoping that somehow IU will hang close with Ohio State. Something caffeinated will be consumed, but I'm not yet sure what, mostly because we're currently out of Vanilla Coke.

I'll be in Decorah, Iowa for the Morning Delight release at Toppling Goliath. Iowa will probably destroy my otherwise prefect day.

Andrew Kraszewski
In Detroit, hitting up Boatoberfest in the early afternoon to get a good rage buzz going for MSU's 3:30 kickoff, after which game I'll either chastise the Spartan fans who wanted O'Connor benched and Dave Warner fired, or will chastise myself for not joining those chants earlier.

Creighton M
In Charlottesville, on my couch with a growler full of pumpkin porter (shut up haters, pumpkin beer is awesome) and homemade quiche. The quiche will be full of bacon as a last hurrah since I'll be saying goodbye to a certain pig this weekend unless Iowa randomly decides to stop being terrible.

Either at a local watering hole or the curling club consuming some cold ones and watching as much as I can stand of the Purdue Cannon game. This might be the last time this season that the Boilers can be expected to finish the game within twenty points of their opponents.

Jesse Collins
Back in Texas. No game on the agenda but playoff baseball is here. I'll be fretting every pitch of the Cubs games and reading the bleach cocktails for when even year bullshit rears its ugly head.

TCF Bank Stadium for some football. Or at least I hope it'll be football. I don't know what Iowa and Minnesota have planned. And I'll be drinking what I always drink: a Grain Belt of some sort.

Headed back from a grad school interview in Chicago. What will I drink? Whatever American Airlines has in their little trolley of wonders.

Creighton M: Somebody should treat himself to a day in the Admirals Club. It's not every day you interview with Harvard.

Brian Gillis
I'll be back in Los Angeles this weekend. Planning on being at the Coliseum Saturday afternoon to watch Colorado/USC, then finding my way to the closest TV to watch Rutgers stripe the birthplace.

Let us know what you will be drinking and where you will be this weekend in the comments and I promise not to tell the cops.