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MQR: Rutgers and Michigan State Tied for Zero Conference Wins

The conference is starting to shake out after nine weeks. It ain't the landscape we thought we'd see...leave your questions in the comments below.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Nine weeks into the season, is a different B1G landscape than anyone thought we’d see at this point. We have four teams in the national hunt: Wisconsin, Nebraska, Michigan, and Ohio State. Yes, that is Tommy Armpunt’s Nebraska team in that group.

We also have four teams that are utter trasch: Illinois, Purdue, Rutgers, and Michigan State. Yes, that’s the "Go Green…Go White" Spartans down there with the bottom feeders.  No conference wins for Sparty this season. Even Purdue and Illinois have won one each. Hey Sparty, look around. You see that other knight down there? Yeah, that’s Rutgers. You and Rutgers have officially won no conference games this season.

We also have our first coaching vacancy at Purdue. I for one would like to see someone come into Purdue and build that team into a two-conference win juggernaut.

That soft middle is slimming down. Minnesota, Iowa, Northwestern, and Wisconsin are all 3-2 in conference. Minny and Wisconsin are both 6-2 right now. How fucking absurd is that? Minnesota is probably the worst 6-2 team in the country. Northwestern is arguably the best 4-4 team in the country today.

That’s my summary of the state of the B1G to stir your thought juices. Any questions? Good, put them in the comments below…

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