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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 11

There comes a time in every man/woman’s life when he/she has to make a choice. And when that time comes, you better be prepared. You can choose to spin or you can choose to choose. If you choose to spin, you can land on spin, or choice, or lose a spin, or lose a choice, or free spin, or free choice, or spin again.

Anyway, here is where some writers will be and what they will be drinking this Saturday.

I’ll be in West Lafeyette, watching the Wildcats take on the Boilermakers. I’ll probably be drinking Three Floyds Robert the Bruce.

I’ll be at the exciting Purdue Northwestern contest, stopping by to say hi to LPW and then heading to the concession stand to get some of that sweet, sweet, bottomless Coke Zero. The souvenir cups may feature such Boilermaker greats as Ryan Kerrigan or Purdue Pete. Pretty exciting stuff.

Graham Filler
I am in East Lansing, watching MSU play Rutgers. I think the Spartans will win. Scotch.

I'm in lovely Amelia Island, drinking rum and surfing. Great waves this week, offshore winds, 70 degree water. Yep...Florida - I don't live here for the people.

DJ Carver
I'll be in college park tailgating and enjoying the great fall weather this weekend. I'm smoking a pork butt on Friday for the tailgate so the food will be delicious and the beverages cold (high 49, so chilly out anyways!). The game? I'm probably just focusing on tailgate outcome at this point.

Candystripes for Breakfast
I'll be at work until probably the last half an hour of the game, so I'll either get to hear the end of an epic upset, or just another mild disappointment by Indiana football. Regardless, I'm coming home to a Vanilla Coke, so at least one thing is guaranteed to go right this week.

Graham Filler: When life gets tough, and Scotch upsets your tummy, grab a refreshing Vanilla Coke.

I'll be back in the great (and probably saner than your) state of Minnesota, planted firmly on my couch to study to the sounds of bad, bad, bad football. I will likely pick up some beef sticks from Hometown Meats to munch on and enjoy a nice diet Pepsi.

Once the game is finally too much to tolerate, I'll meet Ms. MNW (it's her birthday!) and a couple of our friends for an afternoon in Stillwater before her birthday party in St. Paul that night. The theme is Noah's Ark (couples dress in twos) and we're going as platypi, so I'll be doing all kinds of St Paul beer drinking then.

Thomas Speth
Bartending. Actually not. I'll be doing inventory watching the Badger game. In Oshkosh naturally. Wisconsin better destroy Illinois so I don't have to drink before 2. Planning on having a rough Friday.

I'll be in Seattle this weekend watching Washington host USC in my first trip to Husky Stadium. The weatherman is calling for temperatures in the 50s and rain. Can't wait.