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Week 11 Power Poll: Offensive/Awesome ESPN Gameday Signs

Get up. It’s Gameday!

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Every Saturday ESPN takes its traveling college football roadshow to a different campus, or to notable places like Wrigley Field for a several hour pregame broadcast of the day’s games. However, the fans outside Gameday have truly made this must-see TV because they’re allowed to bring and hold up signs that are seen on national TV. Some signs are for a longstanding cause, like the determined bunch of Washington State fans who will go to Gameday until Gameday comes to Pullman.

And then there are the signs that aren’t for a worthy cause: signs that are there to make you laugh. College students can be quite witty and juvenile, and they take pride in outdoing each other. I’ve decided to celebrate the funniest and raunchiest Gameday signs IMHO.

Most of these are very NSFW. You’ve been warned.

#1) Ohio State: 263 Pts, 18 FPV, Last week #2

Athlon Sports

OSU fans hate Herbie so much, and probably call him a dick, that he moved his family out of Ohio to escape the hate. Last week OSU murdered Maryland 62-3 and this week they face MSU

#2) Michigan: 239 pts, Last week #1

Miley Cyrus will get (at least) one year older before Jim Harbaugh’s Wolverines will win the Big Ten title. I mean, losing to, of all teams, Iowa??!? Iowa?! SMDH.

Last week Michigan lost to Iowa and this week they play Indiana.

#3) Wisconsin: 231 Points, Last week #3

These fans are getting retro and quite frankly weird: a Merkin is a Pubic wig that prostitutes used to wear after shaving their genitalia.

Last week Wisconsin defeated Illinois, and this week they’ll defeat hapless Purdue.

#4) Penn State: 216 Points. Last week #4

I’m not sure why (IIRC) Temple Fans are highlighting their most notable alumnus’s hideous mistreatment of women at Gameday last year against Notre Dame. I still laughed my ass off at the sign. I might be a horrible person.

Last week Penn State defeated Indiana, and this week they faced a Rutgers team playing for pride.

#5) Nebraska: 191 points. Last week #5

Reality sometimes is an ice-cold slap in the face, amirite Lane? I don’t think he’s failing upward right now working for Nick Saban.

Nebraska took home the prestigious $5 Bits of Broken Chair trophy last week against Minnesota and this week they play the Maryland Terrapins

#6) Iowa: 161 Points. Last week #9

Last week Iowa shocked the college football world by upsetting the Michigan Wolverines. This week they face the Illinois Fighting Illini.

#7 Northwestern: 152 points. Last week #7

A fake twitter profile (and website) of former Northwestern QB Evan Watkins proudly asks a most important question:

Last week Northwestern annihilated hapless Purdue 45-17 and this week we attempt to keep the Vile Gopher Menace down in Minneapolis in order to retain the prestigious Lutefisk/Malort trophy of Strong Dislike.

#8) Minnesota: 141 points: Last week #6

Last week the Golden Gophers lost to the Nebraska Cornhuskers 17-24. This week they face Northwestern at home in Minneapolis.

#9) Indiana: 113 points. Last week #8.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but any time a college-aged college football fan (or player) mentions (or catches the attention of) porn star Lisa Ann, she takes that young man out on date. Or to the adult film equivalent to the Oscars.

Last week Indiana valiantly fought against Penn State but ultimately fell a bit short. This week they face the Michigan Wolverines.

#10) Maryland: 92 points. Last week #10.

Last week Maryland was destroyed by OSU. This week they face they face the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

#11) Michigan State: 70 points. Last week #13

This year it seems MSU can’t do anything right. Just like Jar Jar.

Last week MSU destroyed the hapless Rutgers Scarlet Knights. This week they play the Ohio State Buckeyes.

#12) Illinois: 67 pts. Last week #11

Last week Illinois lost to #6 Wisconsin 48-3. This week they face Iowa.

#13 Purdue: 39 points, 1 last point vote. Last week #12

Last week Purdue was humiliated by Northwestern. I was there in West Lafayette, and it seemed like every time I went to the bathroom or concession stand we scored again.

This week the Boilermakers play the Wisconsin badgers

#14 Rutgers: 20 points, 18 last point votes. Last week #14

Like the Krusty Krab, things just aren’t fair for Rutgers. After getting hosed by Michigan State, I’m inclined to agree.

(thank you Zuzu for the spongebob reference)

Last week Rutgers was destroyed by Michigan State. This week the face Penn State.