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NCAA College Football Rankings: Stew System - Week 11

ALL THE UPSETS!! (That don’t really mean much in the end.)

Alabama v LSU
Yes, I do like Arby’s.
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Sorry I missed last week. I know you missed this.

Team Ratings:

B1G Thoughts:

  • After that huge upset Michigan falls all the way from 2nd to...3rd.
  • Ohio State jumps over the two losing teams to regain 2nd in the Nation.
  • WI and PSU the top two loss teams means they’re both in good position to jump up with a win in the CCG, which looks like a good bet for both.
  • UNL Rounds out the top 25, they’re kind of in a tier of their own. It all depends on Tommy for them.
  • Minnesota, jNW, and Iowa have clumped themselves together. Decent chance we get a Rock-Paper-Scissors situation after this weekend. Though, jNW could pull away a bit with a win.
  • Maryland and Indiana have faded a bit back from the other 3 in the middle. Both probably make it to bowl eligibility, but don’t look for more.
  • Before it was the bottom 4, but I think IL and MSU have separated a bit.
  • Rutgers, Purdue, you’re both awful. Go away.

Other thoughts:

  • Bama is way, way better than everyone else.
  • The CFP way underrated the Boat Rowers. But if it means we get a WMU/Troy bowl game, mark your calendars, that should be great.
  • Seriously, Troy is also really good.
  • WVU’s schedule is really, really backloaded.
  • USC has really turned their season around, and could really fuck the P12, if they win it.
  • For as ahead of the field as ‘Bama is, that’s how far behind Buffalo is.

Big Risers:

  • Georgia and (fuck) Notre Dame both moved way up with their big upsets (sorry GF3).

Falling Down:

  • MTSU, VT, TAMU, and Army were all on the the bad side of upsets.
  • Didn’t think Rutgers had that far to fall? Well, getting hammerfucked by another horrible team sure will test that.

Projected Playoff Teams:

Now, for DJ’s article earlier in the week I just submitted my top 4 teams, as was requested. But I’m going to project forward here. One team per conference with preference given to conference champs.

  1. Alabama
  2. Ohio State
  3. Clemson
  4. Washington

Elite/Garbage Teams:

Standard Deviation = 20.80

  • Elite = 63.27 (Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan)
  • Garbage = -19.95 (Buffalo)

Conference Ratings:

  • SEC still the best, they’re bottom is way better.
  • The PAC 12 may be having a bit of a down year, but they’re not that bad
  • The Big 12 finally passed the AAC. Look at that, again.