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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 12

It’s been a long season, and you’ve been reading this every week. And every week you are disappointed that no one talks about boiled peanuts. NOT THIS WEEK! Boiled peanuts are discussed and it is great.


Brian Gillis
I'll be back in Ann Arbor this weekend for the final home game of the season. Looking forward to seeing how the Wolverines bounce back after the Iowa game, and how presumed starter John O'Korn looks in his first start for Michigan.

I'll be in lovely Amelia Island watching the game from home. Last weekend I went to a pig roast put on by a bunch of Auburn and Georgia alums for their big rivalry game. It was especially nice to be there this year with Penn State ranked in the top ten (unlike most of the past five years). Drank some moonshine, ate boiled peanuts, and had some great pulled pork. Plus I had the chance to mock the SEC and defend the B1G with actual facts. This weekend, the PSU/RU kicks at 8pm, so I'll take my wife down town to the local brewery to watch the first half. They have Black Bottle Brewery's Count Chocula Stout on draft. That's a damn fine beer, especially as the weather cools.

I'll be at Historic TCF Bank Stadium for the last time of the year. Hopefully I'll get an opportunity to hurl obscenities and an empty Grain Belt Nordeast can at MNWildcat.

Uh oh, that's right, MNW'S BACK IN MINNESOTA. Tailgating with the folks and hopefully the rest of the goddamn hometown if I get my way -- Dad and his teacher friends are known to get quite the rowdy tailgate going if they really try. Lucky for me IT'S GONNA SNOW! Now I know some of you are saying "No, MNW, it's going to be rain turning to sleet, maybe a wintry mix if we're lucky." But no, I say to you, NO. My heart is good and my motives are pure, and I want SNOW TAILGATE.

Plus, the last time I went to a November road game and it snowed, Joel Stave demonstrated why he is Joel Stave and Jazz Peavy failed to complete a catch as he fell to the turf. We need more of that.

Sorry, where was I? Oh yes, I will be tailgating in a lot just north of the Bank with the family, the gal, the friends, and anyone else who sidles by. I'll be the one in a heather-purple polo shotgunning Hamm's in between sips of my Summit Unchained #23: Dark Infusion Coffee Milk Stout. Might manage to pick up a few cans of Indeed's Day Tripper for the gal and Insight Sunken City for me. Bad football and good beer in the fucking best state in the goddamn Union. Let's do this.


MNW: The next time i'm in the south do i want to try boiled peanuts y/n

87townie: Only if they are fresh. If you can get them out of the pot, try them. They come in a spectrum of textures and tastes. I prefer mine less boiled, so with some texture. I have had them where they are kind of slimy. I don't care for those. I also prefer just the salt water kind. They come in cajun or spicy as well. I'm not keen on those. That said, to southerners this is soul food. It's the runza of Georgia, so you should definitely try them.

MNW: So when I go to a gas station in Georgia and they're in the pot and I would be spooning them into a to-go soup container, I should...

87townie: No, you strain them (it'll be a slotted spoon) into a red and white checkered cardboard holder. If you can stop at a roadside stand with a pot, those tend to be better quality.

MNW: Straining them into the to-go soup container, whatever.

87townie: Then you shell them and eat the nuts. They can be quite good...and they can be like eating warm slugs.


I'll be in Lincoln Park, probably at Gamekeepers watching the Cats attempt to bring home the prestigious Lutefisk/Malört trophy of Strong Dislike against the Vile Gopher Menace. I'll be drinking Daisy Cutter, PBR, and whatever else they have on tap.

Candystripes for Breakfast
I'll be at work until at least halftime of IU-Michigan. On the way home, if things are going well, I might grab a Vanilla Coke. If they aren't, I might be grabbing a cappuccino or something warm, because it's gonna be cold Saturday.

Graham: yeahHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THE VANILLA COKE IS OUT hold onto your pants hide your wife and kids and assorted appendages because candystripes is gettin the VC ooooooooooon #whew

Creighton M
On my couch in Charlottesville with homemade breakfast pizza and a sixer of Troegs Mad Elf.

I’ll be participating in a curling tournament, probably drinking some Labatt Blue. There maybe a football game or two on at the club.

Going to try really hard to watch the Rutgers Penn State game at a bar in Blacksburg so that if we're doing well my energy can permeate the people around me and any chance of Rutgers winning will be lit as hell with everyone watching and rooting for RU instead of me just sadly watching the game at home, in my bed, in PJ's, alone.

Andrew Kraszewski
Watching what will hopefully be a humane slaughter of my Spartans at the hands of OSU from home, imbibing a few Old Detroit amber ales.

I'll be at the last home game of the year! It'll be a chilly one, so I'll be drinking some overpriced hot chocolate. I'm excited to face our final team in the Big Ten! Indiana and Maryland were our last two that we had not yet played as a member of the conference.

How many boiled peanuts are you going to eat this week? And where will you eat them? Let us know in the comments.