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Week 12: Early Games Open Thread

Also known as, pretty much every B1G game this week.

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

The choices this morning, they are many! Take a gander:

Ohio State (#2, 9-1) at Michigan State (3-7)

11:00 am CT on ESPN

Why tune in? To see if Mark Dantonio goes for two with only one second left and a much-more-than-two-point deficit at the end of the game.

Maryland (5-5) at Nebraska (#18, 8-2)

11:00 am CT on ESPN News (living the high life here, aren't we?)

Why tune in? There's a high probability of a Good Ship Ryker Fyfe sighting, and that's always a good time. Unless you're a Husker fan. Also, if Nebraska wins, they finish the season undefeated at home, which is nice.

Wisconsin (#7, 8-2) at Purdue (3-7)

11:00 am CT on ABC (wait, seriously?)

Why tune in? Because you don't have cable, or because you enjoy bloodshed, I guess.

Iowa (6-4) at Illinois (3-7)

11:00 am CT on BTN

Why tune in? Because you love states and/or schools that begin with the letter "I".

The following rules apply: be nice, no illegal streams, no porn.