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Week 12: Afternoon Games Open Threads

It's Jabrill Peppers O'Clock!

So majestic. Much wow. All amaze. Great beautiful.
So majestic. Much wow. All amaze. Great beautiful.
Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Your choices this afternoon include:

Indiana (5-5) at Michigan (#3, 9-1)

2:30 pm CT on ESPN

Why watch? Because you like Jim Harbaugh's new-ish spectacles (the ones on his face, not the jumping up and down kind. Those are old.) Because you like hearing "Jabrill Peppers" 532,384,384 times in a 3.5-hour span. Because you hate Indiana.

Northwestern (5-5) at Minnesota (7-3)

2:30 pm CT on BTN

Why watch? Because you'd like to see the latest way Minnesota becomes essentially 10-0. Because Nerds v. Nordics is always a good time.

If none of the Big Ten teams float your boat, you might check out...

Washington State (#22, 8-2) at Colorado (#10, 8-2)

2:30 pm CT on Fox

Why watch? Because Mike Leach is funny.

The following rules still apply: be nice, no illegal streams, no porn.