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NCAA College Football Rankings: Stew System - Week 8

The machine must grind.

Texas A&M v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Team Ratings:

B1G Thoughts:

  • Welp, Michigan, it was nice to have a non-Alabama team on top. Still, there’s a pretty big gap between the Wolverines and Ohio State.
  • Wisconsin has gotten through the death part of their schedule. Good thing they Evanston hasn’t been a house of horrors for them for close to 20 years.
  • PSU, yup, PSU. Their schedule is 2nd in the country (just ahead of Wisconsin and Rutgers). That and their win against OSU has really helped vault them to the cusp of the top 10.
  • UNL at 16, with 1 loss. Yup. Though, if they give OSU a game, I doubt they drop much, even in a loss.
  • And a huge drop off to the mess at 6-10. The difference between Minnesota and Indiana is less than the difference between Minnesota and UNL.
  • And another huge drop off to the bottom 4. There’s even less difference here. Just some truly shitty teams.

Other thoughts:

  • It’s as inevitable as the (crimson) tide. Alabama is an unfeeling, unflinching, football destroying machine.
  • WMU got screwed by the playoff committee. They are legit good, not just some fluke. That is some legacy bullshit.
  • Troy deserves some respect. Only loss to Clemson, in a very tight game.
  • Iowa State, the best damn 1 win team in the country.

Big Risers:

  • Sakerlina moving up, because they had been very down, because they are bad. Tennessee, you should feel bad.
  • Texas is BACK!! Or maybe just mediocre instead of awful.
  • Army bouncing back with a nice win over Wake Forest (yes, that is a real sentence). Army really has improved quite a bit in year 3 under Monken.
  • Tulsa got BTFO against OSU, lost a close game against Houston, and has mostly housed all other opponents. They’re really pretty decent.

Falling Down:

  • Memphis lost their coach and QB from last year. They’re not horrible, but still, it’s been a clear step back.
  • Eastern Michigan took a bad, bad loss to Miami Hydroxide. Still, though, 1 win away from bowl eligibility.
  • Speaking of horrible losses in the MAC, the Zips lost to the (formerly) worst team in the country (Buffalo, sorry GF3).

Projected Playoff Teams:

Now, for DJ’s article earlier in the week I just submitted my top 4 teams, as was requested. But I’m going to project forward here. One team per conference with preference given to conference champs.

  1. Alabama
  2. Michigan
  3. Clemson
  4. Washington

Elite/Garbage Teams:

  • Mean = 23.28
  • Standard Deviation = 22.38
  • Elite = 68.05 (Alabama, Michigan, Clemson)
  • Garbage = -21.49 (Florida Atlantic)

Conference Ratings:

  • SEC separating themselves a bit.
  • The PAC 12 may be having a bit of a down year, but they’re not that bad.
  • The Big 12 really is that bad.