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NCAA College Football Rankings: Stew System - Week 12


NCAA Football: Chattanooga at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Team Ratings:

B1G Thoughts:

  • OSU/MI for all the marbles*!
  • There’s a bit of separation between PSU and WI, but if they meet in the CCG, the winner will be ranked higher, so it’ll work itself out.
  • UNL falling holding serve, but that QB situation could definitely cause them to take a bit of a tumble.
  • MN, IA, and jNW have themselves in a rock-paper-scissors situation, and are clumped pretty closely.
  • But really, IN is closer to jNW than jNW is to Iowa.
  • Maryland certainly has fallen the last few weeks.
  • MSU out of the triple digits!
  • Illinois is really, really bad, but they do have a chance at guaranteeing jNW has a losing season.
  • PU and Rutgers are terrible and not worth talking about.

Other thoughts:

  • Most everyone has the same top 4, generally, in about the same order.
  • Louisville didn’t lose much ground.
  • My system does not like the PAC 12 much.
  • WMU is really, really good, guys. Not playoff worthy, but still, this isn’t a bad team. I’d say they’re way better than that NIU team from a few years ago.

Big Risers:

  • Arkansas State didn’t just pull of a huge upset, they beat Troy down.
  • Same with Vandy over Ole Miss and Iowa State over the fighting Ryan Goslings.

Falling Down:

  • West By God Virginia falling back is not a huge surprise, they had a pretty easy schedule up until last week.
  • So much for me hyping how good Troy is.

Projected Playoff Teams:

Now, for DJ’s article earlier in the week I just submitted my top 4 teams, as was requested. But I’m going to project forward here. One team per conference with preference given to conference champs.

  1. Alabama
  2. Clemson
  3. Wisconsin
  4. Washington

Elite/Garbage Teams:

Standard Deviation = 32.49

  • Elite = 68.73 (Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan)
  • Garbage = -3.75 (Texas State)

Conference Ratings:

  • SEC still the best.
  • B1G eeks out ahead of the ACC.

*Runner up in the Division