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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 13

Well it’s the last weekend of the regular season. We’ve got a Heroes Game, a Land Grant Trophy, a Bucket, and various other things that people care about like those two despicable teams playing in Ohio on Saturday.

Happy Black Friday!

I'll be in Evanston, bringing up some locally brewed christmas or thanksgiving beers, or something :tophat: related. :tophat: :tophat: :tophat: :tophat: :tophat: :tophat: :tophat: :tophat: :tophat: :tophat: :tophat: :tophat: :tophat: :tophat: :tophat: :tophat: :tophat: :tophat: :tophat: :tophat: :tophat: :tophat: :tophat: :tophat: :tophat:

Graham Filler
Noon. Couch. Michigan v. OSU. Mhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Andrew Kraszewski
Having planned the trip way, way back in the Beforetime when MSU was supposed to be good, I will be in State College with my mom and sister, watching this season come to a merciful end with the knowledge that even if they win, Penn State must carry the Land Grant Trophy off the field and, thus, their victory shall be Pyrrhic.

I'll be in madison, doing my best to not spend one goddamn penny in that state while hopefully watching the Gophers crush the dreams of those things becoming a football power once again. I plan on bringing some Grain Bekt Nordeast across state lines.

Evanston. 'Tis time for HAT. Should I not be able to find any New Holland Mad HATter when I'm out on the town today or Friday, I will suffer nobly through my Schell's sampler pack I picked up the other day. Did you know they made a Baltic Porter? I DIDN'T EITHER. You beautiful, crafty Germans. Eating will be our NUMB Leftover Tailgate -- and I don't mean Thanksgiving leftovers; we're just cleaning out all the tailgate for we've got left over from the rest of the season. It will be delicious. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAT.

I shall be in Columbus, tailgating for THE GAME, confusing people by wearing Illinois gear. My war chest includes three cases of varying economy grade beer, a handle of rum and a handle of egg nog. Gonna be near the stadium before the game? Come find me. I'll be the big obnoxious orange thing, except everyone can agree that I've assembled a pretty good cabinet.

DJ Carver
I'll be in College Park, cooking up some sausages and heating up some smoked turkey leftovers as we drink assorted delicious beverages to warm ourselves for the game. It should be close to 50 by kickoff so not awful, but the noon start kind of sucks. Hopefully the stadium doesn't look like Rutgers stadium did at the end of their game but it's thanksgiving weekend so who knows.

I'll be in Boca Raton, Florida digesting turkey and rooting for my Nittany Lions to kick the hell out of Sparty

Candystripes For Breakfast
I'll be at work, hoping that Indiana somehow puts it all together and hangs on to the Old Oaken Bucket. Regardless, I would expect a post-game Vanilla Coke, either as a beverage of celebration or of consolation.


Drinking Zima and watching Tommy Frazier defeat Iowa, apparently. ( But in reality, probably watching Iowa pretend they're #Back because they beat a 3rd-string QB. Alternatively, laughing unceasingly at Iowa for losing to a 3rd-string QB.

Creighton M
Since football games on Friday are stupid and I have a job, I'll be at work all day during the Iowa-Nebraska game. I'm going to DVR the game and watch it after work, but I'm sure I'll know the result by then. If we're going to pretend that Iowa and Nebraska are rivals, the least we can do is let them play in prime time when we force a weekday game down everyone's throat. For games on Saturday where they're supposed to be: Thanksgiving leftovers and a bottle of Hardywood Bourbon Barrel Gingerbread Stout

BRT: Friday after Thanksgiving is great and Iowa should feel lucky we let them play that game with us.

Creighton M: Friday games are the worst and Nebraska can keep it to themselves for all I care. It's a weekday. Play the game at night.

And any Iowa fans who think Iowa is back deserve to be disappointed. Most of us (some of us anyway) still hang out in reality, which is a cold, dark outdated land

I like the Friday game. Gives me a good reason not to go anywhere for thanksgiving. I have that day off anyway. And then I get all day Saturday to watch more football

Creighton M: I'm just saying, it it's supposed to be this big ol' rivalry, why not a night game?

I’ll be at my ancestral home in Southern Indiana most likely watching The Simpsons marathon instead of the bucket game. It looks like it will be into Season 5 by gametime, which is a solid season. I’d much rather listen to the dulcet tones of DJ 3000 than the terrible awful football game in Bloomington.

I will be in College Park Maryland attending my first/only football game of the season! Looking forward to going to a game not as a marching band member. It feels kind of weird, but apparently football is band-less for most people and they still have fun, soooo....

Works on contingency? No, money down!

I'll be in Michigan again this weekend, Grand Rapids this time, eagerly awaiting saturday’s noon kickoff.