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MQR: Wisconsin vs Penn State for All the Big Ten Marbles

Who ya got?

Penn State v Wisconsin
B1G Championship Coming Up!
Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

It’s mailbag question time again. The B1G question for me is...who ya got in the championship game?

In the West you have the Wisconsin Badgers. The Badgers have been in this game three previous times. They won it twice. In 2011, a Russell Wilson led squad beat Michigan State 42-39 for the Championship. In 2012, an under-dog 7-5 Wisconsin team shellacked the Nebraska Corn Huskers 70 to 31. Wisconsin scored 21 points in three consecutive quarters in that game.

Most recently, Wisconsin played a beaten up Ohio State in 2014. This was the year OSU was down to its third quarterback and no one gave them much hope. And then Cardale Jones happened to Wisconsin. The Buckeyes blasted the Badgers 59-0 in a blowout of epic proportion.

In the East, you have Penn State. In contrast, the Lions have not been to the conference championship game. They were...otherwise occupied...since 2011.

The official line is Wisconsin - 2.5. That’s less than a field goal, so the oddsmakers are basically giving us a shrug. It’s the lowest spread of any of the college championship games (lol Alabama -23 vs Florida).

Historically, these two teams are split evenly. Wisconsin won nine times, including a 45-7 blowout in 2011. Penn State has won eight, including the last two, in 2012 and 2013.

My question to you is...who you got? Do these teams match up well? Or do you see a runaway.

I’m going to pose this same question to our "writers" in the mailbag too. If you want a question in the mailbag, just leave it in the comments below.

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