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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 10

What a great day this Saturday will be. Hanging out with friends, watching the games, getting an extra hour of sleep, waking up and realizing you still live in this sad and broken world and nothing you do will ever change that until one day you don’t wake up at all. Enjoy that extra hour of sleep everybody!

Back in Evanston for the first time since...holy shit, the Duke game. Seriously. Let's not ever go this long again between games, West Lot. People have requested I bring down New Glarus's 10th- or 11th-best beer, so I'll bring a sixer of that as a kindness to my friends, then spend the rest of the morning housing something nice and sour to match my mood. When that's all gone, of course, I'll be drinking Hamm's like they're going out of goddamn style. Fuck wisconsin.

My dad called to tell me he has a ticket, if I want to fly to State College...but I can't. I'm back in Florida, watching little Townie #2 play softball. Then I'll make a couple loaves of pepperoni bread and crack a Bells or six for the game. Fuck Iowa.

I’ll be in Evanston again, like always. I’ll bring up some old style since the Cubs just won the world series!

Candystripes for Breakfast
I'll be at work, but I'm not totally sure I want to watch our game this weekend anyway, so this might be a blessing in disguise.

Graham Filler: And.... candystripes And....

C4B: Oh right, drink. Um...... I might get a Vanilla Coke or something? It really depends on whether or not we're busy for the entire shift.

Graham Filler: Wooooooooooo VANILLA COKE IS ON THE TABLE LETS GO /said in the annoying Larry Dr Pepper guy voice

Andrew Kraszewski
I will be at work because the hustle don't stop. That means water is on tap, but at least Southfield's boil advisory is over amirite?

Brian Gillis
I'll be back in Los Angeles this weekend. Saturday evening you'll be able to find me at the Coliseum, watching USC battle Oregon and Brady Hoke.

Creighton M
I'm going to watch the game at a new tap house that just opened up in town. I plan on working my way through the beer menu with a flatbread pizza of some type.

Jesse Collins
Still in Austin, still going to be a wreck, but this time I will be without the Cubs because they are World Champions! WOOOOO!

Making up some time at work. I will probably partake of some Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry.

I'll be back in Blacksburg, Virginia watching Rutgers face an opponent that I am only slightly nervous about (finally). My Master's project commences next week, so I think this is my last fairly stress-free and responsibility-less Saturday. I'LL BE SOAKING THIS ONE IN.

I'll be at TCF Bank Stadium for the highly-anticipated showdown with Purdue filled with joy and excitement and terror and Grain Belt.

Thomas Speth
I'll be in Oshkosh slinging drinks at various establishments on Main Street. Early game probably means screwdrivers clever disguised as orange juice.

In the morning I'll be running my smoker to stock the freezer with pork shoulders and brisket style chuck roasts to last the winter. Then in the afternoon headed to our annual friends Thanksgiving and watch the night game.

How are you spending DST day?