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Week 10: Big Ten Football Stock Report

The stratification of the B1G continues...can anyone stop Michigan?

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

The college football karma gods struck again, as 4-5 Mississippi State shellaqued the fourth ranked Texas A&M Aggies.  The group at the top is clearing out, and we're starting to get a clearer bowl picture as the season wanes.

Same thing is happening in the Big Ten, as winners win, losers lose, and the West still muddles along. Here is the stock report:

Stock Up

Ohio State Buckeyes -€” Turns out, Ohio State's struggles are relative. Woof...Nebraska came to town ranked 10th in the nation and got clobbered. This game was never close. This win will put OSU back in the national discussion. Next up: At Maryland

Penn State Nittany Lions -€” This one caught me off guard, but not as bad as it did Coach Ferentz. Following a bye week, I expected this game to be nip and tuck. It wasn't. Penn State rolled em up and pushed them out. This team is on a roll... Next up: At Indiana.

Michigan Wolverines -€” The Wolverines put another foe away by more than 50 points, as they rolled over the hapless Terps. The Michigan juggernaut rolls on, setting us all up for an epic head to head versus the Buckeyes to end the season. Next up: At Iowa.

Wisconsin Badgers -€” A convincing win in Evanston has the eighth ranked Badgers cruising towards the B1G West crown. I just hope they have enough left in the tank to put up a fight against the eventual East winner. Next up: Illinois

Stock Holding

Minnesota Golden Gophers -€” Well you squeaked that one out.  You are the worst 7-2 team in the nation. Next week might not be pleasant as you head to Lincoln. After the season, please don't embarrass us in your bowl game. Please? Next up: At Nebraska

Indiana Hoosiers -€” Hmm, I debated this. You made Rutgers look competitive. But you won and are now on the cusp of bowl eligibility. We all win ugly sometimes, so I'm not dinging your stock for this one. Next up: Penn State.

Illinois Fighting Illini -€” Hey, what do you know? Lovie got it done. In a game of "I don't want to take it", Illinios did just enough to not lose. But a conference win is a conference win, so you don't fall this week. Next up: At Wisconsin

Stock Down

Nebraska Cornhuskers -€” Well, that sucked. Let's hope Tommy is okay. You are going to need to dust yourself off for this week. Next up: Minnesota.

Northwestern Wildcats -€” Well damn. Next time you should actually come up with a game plan, instead of relying on a jinx. You are teetering on the brink of a harboring... Next up: At Purdue.

Maryland Terrapins -€” By the third quarter, there were more people on the field than in the stands. That was brutal. Hunker down, cause it ain't getting better this week. Next up: Ohio State.

Michigan State Spartans -€” Oh holy hell, Sparty. There isn't much I can write here that would do justice to the purgatory you find yourselves in. Man up, punch the clock and try to steal a game here at the end of the season.  Next up: Rutgers.

Rutgers Scarlet Knights -€” Things are happening here kids. You are still the basement of the B1G, but you are getting closer to the teams above you. Now just win one. Next up: At Michigan State.

Purdue Boilermakers -€” Like Rutgers, you guys are getting closer to a win. Unlike Rutgers, you don't have a shiny new coaching staff. It's coming, keep your heads up. Finish the season strong and give the next staff something to build from. Next up: Northwestern