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MQR: Questions and Concerns from Week 10?

Mailbag Question Request Time...What’ve You Got?

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Illinois
The Illini Sleepwalked to a win over Sparty
Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Week ten in the books and we learned some things. In no particular order:

· The Michigan/OSU game is going to be a slobber-knocker

· Nebraska isn’t among the top three football teams in the B1G

· The Michigan State Spartans may have given up

· The Iowa Hawkeyes may have given up too

· Minnesota is quietly putting together a good season

· We now have a bottom tier: Purdue, Rutgers, and Michigan State

· The west is a three way tie between Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Nebraska

· Northwestern and Iowa are only one game out of contention for the West.

· That means there are five teams still in the hunt for the West title.

· It’s likely we won’t know the winner until the final week of the season.

· A B1G Team could face Western (Row...Row...Row) Michigan in a Bowl

Those are the things that jumped out at me. They should fuel lots of your have at it in the comments below.

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