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Is the Big Ten guaranteed a CFP spot even if the East loses the CCG?

Looking at the rankings, I think so.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Michigan State
Don’t be mad, Jim, I still think you’ll win.
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Well, Western Michigan survived a scare from Kent State, but everyone’s favorite MAC daddy is still rowing its way to the Cotton Bowl. How’s the rest of the College Football Playoff ranking looking?


  • LSU loses by 10 to #1 Alabama and drops UMPTEEN spots. Texas A&M loses by 7 to unranked Mississippi State and stays in the Top 10. Yeah, sure, this checks out.
  • Boise State just lurking, waiting for a Western Michigan slip-up. Too bad this is the Broncos’ year.
  • I guess it’s...encouraging that Ohio State is #5?
  • It’s more encouraging for those of you that want to see the Big Ten in the playoff that Wisconsin is slotted in at #7. Win out, as the Badgers should, and upset Michigan in the conference championship, and the Big Ten’s still got a rep.
  • Albeit one that’ll get clowned by Bama.
  • Don’t look now, but Auburn ahead of Penn State would mean that we’d have a Tigers-Broncos matchup in the Cotton Bowl. Time to bump everyone back down in the Bowl Projections.
  • That means Nebraska (oof, by the way) goes back west. Maybe vs. Colorado in the Holiday Bowl!

What are your takeaways from the CFP Rankings?