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Mailbag: Is Wisconsin the Favorite for Big Ten Champs?

You have spoken in the Poll. OTE votes went Wisconsin 51% / Penn State 41% / Whiny Ass Michiganders 7%.

Who you got in the Championship game? Do these teams match up well? Or do you see a runaway? - Townie

Aaron: We’re talking about the Big Ten Championship Game, right? I think Wisconsin will win a close, low-scoring game because that’s what Wisconsin does. But really I think Penn State will win and I’m picking Wisconsin because I’ve been pretty low on the Lions during this winning streak. It all depends on the trenches. If Wisconsin can move the ball on the ground, it should be able to grind out a win. If Penn State can get Saquon Barkley going, there will be fewer long third downs for Trace McSorley to get exposed in. He’s been great about taking care of the ball this year, but his poor arm strength combined with a terrific Wisconsin secondary could lead to some interceptions if the quarterback is forced to do too much.

GF3: It’s going to be a low-scoring, defense-heavy grinder on both sides. So the ESPN contingent will call it a "clunker." I think PSU gets beaten up at the line. If they win, it’ll be McSorley staying mobile to keep plays alive that makes the difference.

WSR: Wisconsin’s offense is somehow even more shit than I assumed. If PSU can do something even remotely dynamic on offense (ie: do not lock in on your receivers), they should be able to win.

Stew: I don’t see a run away. The matchup is strength vs. strength, with PSU’s offense and WI’s defense. I think WI eventually grinds out a win.

Townie: I’m going with this scenario: Wisconsin is up by 14 points at the half. Penn State storms back in the second half and wins on a last second field goal.

Who doesn’t like Wisky? - MsuNavyGrad

Candystripes: People who still hold a grudge over things BERT did. Like me. However, I still would rather have Wisconsin win on Saturday.

Aaron: I’ve heard that a lot of Iowa and Minnesota fans don’t like Wisconsin. I don’t really have a problem with the Badgers, though. Maybe that will change after Saturday.

MNW: People with taste. Fuck wisconsin.

GF3: I’m assuming since you’re both a Navy man and an MSU grad, you cannot spell. Whisky (or whiskey) is excellent, and everyone should develop a taste for it.

Creighton: Anybody who’s been there

WSR: People with good taste like whiskey. People with no taste like wisconsin.

Stew: Fuck Wisconsin

Townie: Bourbon yes, Badgers no.

Is Coach Hype not the absolute epitome of the Big Ten Coach of the Year? - BuddyCle

Aaron: Are we going to keep using "Coach Hype" ironically now that he’s delivered a division title way earlier than expected? I guess he’s the epitome of the Big Ten Coach of the Year because he took a team that not many people thought was good and made it do good things. That’s like every Coach of the Year ever.

MNW: Aaron no, I'll keep using it unironically. Hope y'all don't mind.

GF3: Sure, winning the one game that mattered on a statistically improbable play seems like the height of coaching to me.

Creighton: Why don’t PSU fans realize that we still aren’t impressed by Coach Hype?

WSR: He doesn’t coach at tOSU, so he fits the requirements for B1G COTY.

Nate: Pretty sure the CotY award is a kiss of death.

Stew: Not Kirk Ferentz, so no.

Townie: /shakes his head at Creighton. The new Coach Hype is Harbs. Franklin needs a new nickname...oh wait, you can just call him COTY.

Where are all the OSU/Michigan fans this week? - Exiled_in_VT

Aaron: Lurking.

MNW: Off making me pine for a week in which Iowa didn't beat a collapsing Nebraska and decide they were the cat's ass.

GF3: Planning trips to the Playoffs.

Creighton: The Wolverines will be hibernating until their bowl game. If Penn State gets beat badly enough, maybe we’ll get luck and catch a glimpse of a few of them poking their heads out to talk shit.

Stew: They’re all on their way to New York for Pepper’s inevitable Heisman win.

Townie: UM fans are doing the post ass-kicking sulks. OSU is kicking back, waiting for the playoffs.

Is Jabrill Peppers the least deserving Big Ten DPOY ever?- BuddyCle

Candystripes: Having no idea who most of the past Big Ten DPOY winners are, yes, and it isn’t close.

GF3: Yep.

Creighton: If DPOY is an award given out for skill and accomplishments, yes. If it is an award given out to whoever the media has the biggest figurative boner for, then CONGRATULATIONS MR. PLAYER OF THE YEAR

WSR: Yes, and it’s not really even close. In the past 26 years, every single one of the recipients was in some way deserving of the award prior to 2016. Even in the 8 years the award was split you can look at both choices and think "Yup, they both make sense. Lavar Arrington and Tom Burke were both great," even if you have successfully blocked Tom Burke out of your memory and had to go look him up. But Peppers? Nope.



Townie: Peppers is a fabricated marketing hype by the New Coach Hype.

Should fans of non-participating teams watch the B1GCCG? If so, why?- Exiled_in_VT

Candystripes: Because it’s football, and it’s on TV.

Aaron: Just watch a replay of the Michigan vs. Ohio State game, since those are the two best teams in the conference. Or be like me last year and get stuck at dinner in a small, crowded New York City cellar so you miss most of the game.

MNW: Sure, if they don't have anything better to do. I'll likely find a college basketball game or something else on TV, because fuck wisconsin.

WSR: Nope. Clemson-VT, which is on at the same time, looks infinitely better. Not only that, but there are playoff implications with that game too.

GF3: Yes, because you get maybe 15 weeks a year to watch B1G ball. Waste not, want not.

Stew: On the one hand, football. On the other, fuck Wisconsin. But yeah, you probably should, it’s the last conference game of for a LONG time.

Townie: Don’t care. I’m a fan of a Participating Team!

Who got screwed in the all-conference team results the most? - Abbas_Cincinnatus

WSR: The answer is Jabrill Peppers, isn’t it?

GF3: the fans, as usual.

Stew: You want me to list all of them? Or would it just be easier to say Peppers should be entered for every spot?

Townie: Anyone on defense not named Peppers.

Let's make a deal: Scores remain the same, but you get to change one of your conference losses to a win; however, you also have to swap one of your conference wins to a loss so you end up with the same record. Do you take the deal, and who do you pick? Does your answer change with the further caveat that your division record must remain the same as well? - HoyaGoon

Candystripes: Swap our Maryland win for a win over any of Penn State, Ohio State, and Michigan. Done and done.

Aaron: I would switch Penn State’s loss to Michigan with its win over Ohio State, but in that case, the Lions lose the tiebreaker, so I’ll say no deal.

MNW: Give me the win over Ohio State, I'll take the loss to Indiana. OR the loss to Michigan State and the win over wisconsin.

Thumpasaurus: I’d gladly trade Michigan State for Northwestern to keep them out of a bowl. I would also trade Rutgers for Michigan without a second thought. I’ve suffered through plenty of embarrassing losses. Shit, I attended the Purdue game this year in person. Losing to Rutgers would barely faze me and would COMPLETELY be worth beating Michigan on the road in Jeff George Jr’s first start.

Creighton: Ugh Hoya you bastard why are you giving us complicated questions when we’re all still hungover? I’ll take an embarrassing loss at Rutgers if it means we beat Wisconsin and earned a second straight trip to the CCG. If the division record has to stay the same, then fuck you that should count as a separate question. Next!

WSR: Absolutely. In a heartbeat. You want me to give the Gophers a big old L to Illinois in exchange for the Axe? And you want me to think about it?

GF3: I feel as though the answer is fairly obvious for OSU. Beat PSU, lose to Nebraska. Trade one top 10 loss for another, but outside the division.

Stew: Yeah, I’ll flip that WI loss to a win in exchange for a loss to Purdue. Get Iowa back in the CCG, worth it.

Townie: Nope.

Why should we still call it the New Year's Six if only two of the six games are being played on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day? Follow up question: is it just me, or is the bowl schedule all kinds of messed up this year? - GophersinCNY40

Aaron: It’s because January 1 is a Sunday this year. When January 1 isn’t a Sunday, there are no NFL games that day and more college football games. That’s probably why the bowl schedule looks weird.

Nate: /highlights WSR’s comment



Thoughts on the West holding an 11-10 advantage over the East this year? - Tavern Hawkeye


Aaron: I don’t want to hear any more complaints from Indiana fans about being stuck in the "tougher" division. You get to play Purdue every year. Be happy.

Creighton: Also Indiana gets to play rutger. Suck it up. Also yes I think we can all agree that the West is far superior. The West has a good team representing them in the CCG, while the East somehow let Penn State go. Yeah that’s a no brainer.

WSR: Something about blind hogs and acorns should probably go here.

Stew: I blame Wisconsin for it being even that close.

GF3: Congrats to the West on their shitty middleweights being better than our cellar dwellers. The top West team went 0-2 against the east.

Townie: I’d talk shit now, but we still play Wisconsin, so I’ll wait.

and that's your mailbag for December 1, 2016.
Your Friends,
The OTE "Writers"