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Grayson Allen, Villain, & The B1G’s Greatest Hoops Villains

B1G Hoops Have Had Plenty of Villainous Characters

Ohio State v Dayton Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

What makes a great villain? Random acts of unnecessary in-game violence? Clutch shots, over and over, against rivals? Inflated media hype? Press Conference histrionics? Off-court issues? Sparking a huge recruiting war and then failing to choose your school, even possibly trolling said school during the pick ceremony?

Grayson Allen has turned into 2016-17’s greatest villain, awash with Dukiness & issues with tripping & flopping. He also happens to be the leading scorer on one of the nation’s best squads. His villain credentials are off the chart. I’m not sure the B1G has a player in its recent past who could match this recent addition to the litany of Duke Super-Villains. But let’s take a look at players hated for all kinds of things, like poking eyes or hitting big shots or destroying (insert your team name) over and over. Give us your villainous player stories, extra points for personal experience.


John Shurna, NW

Cliff Alexander, Kansas not Illinois

Eric Gordon, Indiana not Illinois

Will Sheehey, Indiana

Chris Kramer, Purdue

Every Wisconsin Tall Buzzcut Thing

Zac Novak, Michigan (so gritttttttty)

Zach McCabe, Iowa

Andre Woolridge, N...Iowa

Bobby Jackson, Minnesota

Floppy the Clown (Wisconsin)

Evan Turner, OSU ughhhhhh

Lawrence Funderburke, OSU

Korey Lucious, MSU

Mateen Cleaves, MSU


Aaron Craft, OSU

Chris Webber

A note, that C-Web was one of the most coveted recruits of all time (remember the scene from Mitch Albom’s The Fab Five when Izzo sits and cries on his floor when he hears Webber is going to Michigan), with a controversial recruitment, and then played for one of the most hated teams of all time, with a playing style that was flashy, aggressive, angry, and culminated in dunking on people and then throwing the cutthroat sign out. And then it came out that he took $250k to play and got Michigan’s banner taken down.